Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Tuesday Morning Linkdump - ON WEDNESDAY!

(In case you are interested, the Dow is DOWN -283.23 at noon-thirty, today. Yay! Barry!)

You shall never guess what I woke up thinking. Can you name a single solitary thing that John F. Kennedy accomplished as President that was not a feckless trainwreck of incompetence? I can't. So why is he considered to be one of the all-time greats? Is it because of his hair, because from what I have read, he had dandruff so bad that people got sick to their stomach being around him. Come on, folks, there has to be one reason why he is so revered, it can't be just because he got killed, can it?

Let's talk about politics, since we are in the most volatile era of the entire history of our country. We have removed all requirements for voting, so we are on the cusp of having our government run solely by people that should be locked up in the nuthouse. We just elected a guy that has claimed he shall UNITE the country, yet his supporters are the most fringe groups of Stupidville. The very last pseudo-intelligent Democrat was Joe Lieberman, since he didn't support letting the Religion of Peace blow up our country. The dumbasses kicked him out of the Party of the Morons and STILL he caucuses with them. Understand, Lieberman is the SMARTEST one of them, and they kick him out and STILL he helps them. THE SMARTEST.

The spittle flinging Head Moron of the Moonbats, calls for the Joemeister's HEAD. Even though they want to KILL him, Joe, the SMARTEST one of the Dimbulbs, STILL caucuses with them. THE SMARTEST. And since the Dumbasses allow Joe to stay, the screeching KosKrazies GO NUTS! Unity, folks. (Oh, did I tell y'all that Joe is the SMARTEST one of the morons?)

What is the Adult Party to do to combat the Party of the Morons? Let's listen to a PORNOGRAPHER for some good advice.

I have to claim ignorance on Michael Steele. Plenty of folks talk about him all the time to become the new leader of the Adult Party, yet I have made no effort at all to learn anything about him. He's BLACK.

If you think that keeping Joe-Jew is making the Nutroots crazy, wonder what appointing Larry Summers as Treasury Secretary is GOING TO DO. He was the Harvard Chief that told a group of professors that there was a contingent of scientists that thought women couldn't do math. And the feminists got sick to their stomachs, threw up in their purses, and fled from the room.



We all knew that Obama's philosophy was a very tired amalgamation of socialist stupidity, but he preaches change to his sheeple. Yeah, change back to the 1991 CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. Why doesn't he just bring Bill back to be president, too?

Adult Stem Cell research provides another SUCCESS STORY. Why will those pesky scientists not give up on this research? Don't they know that adult stem cells don't cause SUPER TUMORS? What is the value of that?

To revisit the meme of stupidity in the arts/architecture world, the United Nations takes about twenty-three MILLION bucks and throws a Jackson Pollack type artwork on a ceiling. This is art? Looks more like a vomit ceiling to me.

RACISM STILL EXISTS! Eeek! Run away, run away!

Count every vote? Certainly, we Democrats want to do that, that is the ONLY thing that we want. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, those are NOT votes for DEMOCRATS, THROW THEM OUT!

Obama is a HOUSE NEGRO AND A MUSLIM? Oh, this is friggin' priceless, folks.

Corey Haim has gotten into another bit of a pickle, HOLY CRAP! THAT'S MICHAEL JACKSON! He has jumped clear over being white and has assumed translucent status! Crap, Michael Jackson is now CLEAR.

Remembering Barry Obama, circa 1978. The song remains the same.

Drag up a chair, pull the cup of coffee close and read every single post on this next blogsite. I was sitting behind these folks in Houston-Bush the last time I flew up to OKC to hang out with Bean. Happy folks do exist in this country, I see it all the time. I do not know these folks, I did not speak to these folks, I just sat there and watched their joy. I made assumptions about some folks that I never even spoke to. Look at THESE PHOTOS and see if your interest is peaked. Then read some posts and go, "Awwww." It's like a baby polar bear that has been adopted by a kitten that keeps a baby duck as a pet and all they do is cuddle on a Linus blanket while watching a mobile of cherubs and rainbows circle over their heads.

Careful, can you even handle ANY MORE CUTENESS? Thank you for your service.

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