Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Sandbox - Watch the Results

There's a pulldown by state and for Congress as well.

Killed the voter script.

Feels like 1996 to me, folks. Dole II.

HOLY CRAP! Someone in Mississippi voted for Cynthia McKinney! Who in the mortal Hell?

Okay, this is eating at me, WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR CYNTHIA MCKINNEY?

Just so you know, at 8:24 Central, I have yet to see why exactly they are calling states for Obama when I am looking at the same results they are with the big cities NOT going for him like they should. They are calling New York with ONLY the area surrounding Buffalo actually submitting anything. Plus, the Pittsburg area is overwhelmingly voting for the McCainiac, too. Looks to be a long night, y'all.

Oh Hell, I am going to sleep. This one is going to be just like last time. I hate journalists. Wait, when I republished, Virginia looks to be Obama's, that is the first sign that I have seen that there is any difference. Every other state is the same as 2004, including Ohio. Please try to remember, folks.

Good news, there appears to be no way that the Democrats pick up enough seats to be filibuster proof. So I got that going for me.

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