Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have I forgotten anything?

This past week was pretty busy preparing for the doom of an Obamoron presidency. Please let me know if I forgot anything.

I sealed all of the religious stuff in a fireproof, waterproof box and buried it close to where I plan on building the outhouse. Yes, I already designed the outhouse for when the utilities are cut off. I think that those services should last at least a year, but I already have the lumber stored and weathering for the outhouse structure.

Candles, in abundance. Twenty butane bottles and plenty of mantles for the lanterns. Wal-Mart was running low on those, by the way. You better go stock up, too.

Reloader supplies to last years if necessary. If you need any .45 cartridges, let me know. I'll trade you for twelve gauge six shot. All knives are sharpened. The flaying stand is already in place. Do you honestly think that meat will be outlawed? I am kinda split on that, because what are all the elites in the cabinet going to eat? You don't think that the Royal Obama will make all of his minions eat lobster, it's against the tenets of Islam!

I did screw around too long this year and didn't get any vegetables canned. I got rosemary out the damn ass, though. Trade me some okra for some rosemary, mmmkay? What in the Hell good is rosemary without okra, anyway? Damn, I am a moron sometimes. But, I do like rosemary.

Carbon Credits are covered, baby.

Do you think that they will KILL you if you own an American made car? I know that death is the punishment for SUVs, but I have a mid-sized truck. Don't you think that the Brownshirts will let that slide? Or do we all have to drive Puegeots? Who the Hell am I kidding, no one will be able to afford gas anyway.

Currently I only have sixty gallons of water put back. But, I do have plenty of purification tabs, if you need some.

Folks, I have no idea how long it will take to put things back to right if the Obamoron does win, Hell I don't know if we will ever have another election if he wins. How many people do you think will die from Malaria and Yellow Fever after insecticide is outlawed?

My money was out of the market last October, but I'm beginning to sweat the intelligence of directing it to a Caribbean country. Do I still have time to move it to Switzerland? Are those banks even going to be stable after the Nazis regain control? Remember what happened to the Jews the last time that Barry was "elected?"

Shit, now I am all screwed up in the head. I'll try to wrap up the last of my work for the year. Maybe I can get another paycheck before they start redistributing the wealth to the chosen deadbeats.

Hunker down, peoples. My battery in my laptop only lasts about four hours. After the electricity is turned off, you will get one more post. It's been good knowing you. When it all goes down, let's all try to get to Denver like they did in The Stand.

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