Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Sunday Morning Barry Obama Linkdump

Since the beginning of this campaign, there have absolutely zero honest stories in the Barrystream Media regarding the Golden Child and the Webbynets have been forced to do the jobs of those actually paid to vet the stories behind the candidates. The strangest thing about this whole election is that the media that performed daily the Monica Lewinsky's on John McCain a short four years ago, have been steadily more aggressive in their attacks upon the Republican candidate. I have yet to attack Barry Obama in retaliation, I simply point out the facts regarding this moron. You have to read these links, sir, ma'am, undecided, just to get an honest glimpse into the depravity that is the Democrat presidential nominee. He hates you and this country.

And update on Barry's illegal immigrant aunt. Under. The. Bus.

Let's just all look and laugh at THIS. Twitter has a little internet poll going on called, get this, "Twit Vote." Go watch the Tweets coming in on that site and laugh your ass off. Twit Vote keeps reading, "I just voted for Obama in #TwitVote." Twit Vote. Right. Just to let you know, so far 9567 Twits have voted for Obama, with just 1866 Twits voting for McCain. This has the same accuracy as the internet votes for Ron Paul, though. Just so you know, a "twit" is a foolish or annoying person.

One of the main topics that appeared in this campaign over the course of this year was the concern over the need for alternate energy sources, while intentionally ignoring the sources that we already have. Coal supplies close to fifty percent of our energy needs. What does Barry think about coal? Watch. (Hat-tip: The Jawa Report)

Barry cares so much about the common laborer that he is willing to enact legislation that shall reduce the entire country to having as a maximum income, the minimum wage. And he arrived at this philosophy by incorporating the ideals outlined in Atlas Shrugged's Directive 10-289.

Why, a mere two days before the election, is there STILL an argument over the birth certificate? Why would Barry's own grandmother keep saying that Barry was born in KENYA? The whole possibility of President Barry is asinine.

Directly descended from the policies devised by all of Barry's "education" friends comes THIS example of the lunacy that is liberalism. Kindergartners forced to sign pledges to lurve them some homosexuals. We are talking about children five years old or less, people. Five. Years. Old.

Gateway Pundit publishes the eerie resemblance between the logo for the Weather Underground and the Obamessiah's own Obamaland LOGO. Please also notice that the Weather Underground logo is from 1975, you know, back when those "1960's" radicals were blowing shit up. By the way, the last act of violence that I can find performed by the WU was in 1981. Describing Bill Ayers as a 1960's radical is the same as describing Abraham Lincoln as a 1700's president. And in case you are still not convinced, HERE are pdf links to Bill Ayers Weather Underground text. I am reading it now.

Pick a number, Barry. Is it 250k, 200k, 150k, or 120k? Or is it really NO ONE GETS TAX CUTS?

Barry's entire political philosophy was debunked prior to 1948, folks. Watch and learn.

This should be enough for today, but I am certain that still more stuff will come up. I'll let you know.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Unless the polls are as wrong as they were in '00 and '04, a whole lot of bamboozled and no-excuse-for-emotional-ignorance voters are going to be suffering major "vote remorse", when they find all they had to do was a little research -- like here -- to learn what they were voting for was a fraud, liar, and socialist.

Maybe the Congress can be salvaged in '10, like it was after two years of Clinton's cigars in Monica...