Sunday, November 02, 2008

Helping Americans have a backbone.

I have promoted an idea of developing your philosophy FIRST before attempting to approach problems. I have a damn fine example of the way that a rational person would develop their solution to the debate surrounding abortion. The reason that I have chosen abortion as my defining example is because I am damn sick of hearing about it. There exists not one single person in this world that doesn't know deep in their bones that abortion is wrong, but there are plenty of people that desire to be able to legally kill babies. Let's take that OFF the damn table, it is WRONG.

Let's break it into the two camps. One the one hand there are those that freely admit that abortion is wrong. I like to call these people, "human beings." On the other hand there exist a sub-human group of cretins that believe a woman should have a "choice" on whether to have a baby or not. I like to call these people, "murderers." Let's offer those that want a choice, exactly that, a choice.

This concept is simple, the only hiccup is the when that she gets that choice. Lemme 'splain.

"Murderers" for some odd reason prefer to teach the kids how to screw in kindergarten. Barry Obama promotes this idea.

"Human beings" like to teach kids that sex should wait for marriage.

Aside from the when, the solution is simple. At the time of the choice, if a female chooses NOT to have children, she is sterilized. If she chooses to be able to produce children in the future, she is NOT sterilized. See? Both sides of the debate are happy and we do not have to kill any more babies.

Now, since you have the solution, please shut up about abortion. Please.

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Denise said...

TD, I am all for choice when it comes to the abortion debate, right up to the time they get pregnant. At that point, the choice has been made.

Paul Mitchell said...

Eeeek! Denise said abortion again!

Good point though.