Sunday, November 02, 2008

Who wants more money?

If YOU do, then you have to vote for McCain. Yes, I know, I know, Barry's moronic, magic tax plan is going to give you more money. How about instead of focusing of the lies from a campaigning politician, you listen to the economists regarding the economic PHILOSOPHIES of the two candidates?

When fully phased in, and all economic adjustments are made, the McCain tax plan would increase the private sector portion of GDP relative to the baseline by about 2.7 percent, and the Obama tax plan would reduce private sector GDP by about 3.5 percent, a significant 6.2 percent difference in output and income between the two plans. (See Chart 1.) The difference in private sector capital accumulation would be 15.8 percent or $4.1 trillion in favor of McCain. Hourly wages before-tax would be up 2.2 percent under McCain, down 2.6 percent under Obama, a 4.8 percent difference. Hours worked would be 0.5 percent higher under McCain, and 1 percent lower under Obama.

The whole study is HERE, it's a pdf. And it is math and shit, instead of some ditzy damn moron telling you what Barry told them during pillow-talk.

(Hat-tip: Right Wing News)

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