Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Morning Linkdump (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE: Moonbattery lives up to the name. THIS IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE, FOLKS. This cannot be happening. Not in a sane world. Wait, nevermind. (Moonbattery is changing servers this morning, so the link might be down. Bookmark it, you see to see the trainwreck.)

UPDATE II: One of the most awesome things about this year's trainwreck of a presidential election, was the emergence of Chris Matthew's Leg. Hopefully, the Leg shall continue to thrill. Man, I wish I was funny. (No, Tommy 5, I mean funny in the ha, ha, kinda way.)

As the Obama Economy heads for the cellar in startling fashion this morning, with profit takers going crazy to get the Hell out of the government's stock market, we run across a bunch of news that foreshadows the next four years. Some good, some not so good. Most of my philosophical peers are optimistic about the spirit of the folks in our country. They say that after six months, everyone will know that the election of Obama was wrong. I know better, it took three full years for folks to see what Jimmy Carter was about. The Dow plummeting does give me HOPE though.

The Catholic Church is finally severing ties with politicians that deny their chosen religion, and embrace INFANTICIDE. Sobek points to those Catholics that agree with the Democrats on baby killing are taken to task by the church. Sobek posted a bunch of stuff since I went to bed last night, check his site out.

The fact that the Catholic Church even funds ACORN is dumbfounding to me. Hey, Benedict and Pious, let's give a bunch of money to people that believe the exact OPPOSITE of what we believe. No, that is not contradictory or suicidal! Jewish much?

Michelle Malkin posts her TAKE on the McCainiac's visit to Jay Leno. Is that horrendously bad show STILL on the damn air? Someone please stick a fork in that seriously unfunny toolbox, Leno. Johnny Carson, you are sorely missed, sir. I never showed you enough appreciation, for that I am sorry.

But, but, but, Obama is big philosophical buddies with Iran, they can't crush his propaganda arm over there, even THOUGH THEY DID. One single photograph of the new BOY president gets your Iranian magazine shut down? Dang, maybe those Iranians don't like the Halfrican-American folks too much. RACISTS!

Do you want to know what you can do to help the economy? No, it's not employ people or offer the LIVING WAGE that everyone needs, or pump a bunch of capital into the market, it's not even to start working longer hours to increase productivity. ALL you have to do is smile. Oh. Good. Lord.

My blog-buddy Pam Meister, has an article up that talks about the overwhelming UNITY that is felt by everyone in the country, now that the Obamessiah is born. I got your unity RIGHT HERE. *offensive hand gesture going on, here in the Dog's Bunker*

Another blog buddy, David Drake, plays the RACE CARD. Because it needs to be played. Again, and again, and again, and again.....

At Jawa Report, the Labor Unions have dropped along the road waiting for the touch of the Obamessiah. They are begging for the healing and alms from their master. Jimmy Carter's RUSTBELT.

Remember the BAILOUT? Yeah, wells, we's still gonna do it, BUT we's not gonna do it like we said. SHIT.

In an addition to Grow a Pair, you Limey Bastards! section of our daily news segment, Van Helsing at Moonbattery is SHOCKED that Great Britain has BANNED the use of the word "BRITAIN". Can we send suggestions to them for the naming of their new country. I suggest "Panty-Wearing Booty Boys." No, no, no, you cannot make these things up. Sorry.

Steve B at Tattered Bits of Brain, one of the original blog friends around these parts, is not as gracious as I am in defeat. GOOD.

Michelle Malkin also reports on the idiot defaulter Congresswoman from Moronland that is trying to recoup losses for her district from Lehman Brothers. DRINK ALERT!

And if you love the South, like normal people do, Kissing Suzy Kolber has WISDOM FROM TERRY BRADSHAW. If you are offended by dirty talk, maybe you should skip this one. And go buy a cup.

DANG, I love Cheerleaders. She's kinda skinny though. Please notice the feature box in the upper left corner. Play with the settings, yo.

Maybe there will be more as the day progresses. Maybe the jackbooted thugs from Chicago will kick down my door. Who the Hell knows what is going to happen anymore?

Dang, I need to stock up on potted meat, pickled pork rinds, and Vienna sausage for the oncoming Holocaust.

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