Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WTW - The PBS Edition!

I haven't watched PBS in years and years. You see, I grew up BSS, Before Sesame Street, so I never had a single use for the moron channel. While perusing the Blaggywebs for today's White Trash Wednesday content, I stumbled upon a gold mine, paid for with YOUR tax dollars! It's good to know that not ALL of it is squandered. White Trash Wednesday, not only the PBS Edition, but also the SCIENCE and ENGINEERING Edition!

Enjoy this, (Dead) Tommy 5, you have earned it, by putting up with my rants on Barry Obama and the election, still returning no matter how badly you did not want to. I salute your perseverance. And it is rewarded.

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Paul Mitchell said...

You should see the rest of them. Carve out a few hours, though. They are addictive in a Man Way.