Monday, December 29, 2008

Architecture School

In today's "Architecture" Google Alert, there was a list of the ten most popular books in the field this year. I clicked through to Amazon and was inspired to write my own book by another book I found there. I have taken a few liberties with the ideas and concepts of that one particular book. However, working on the same concept of the pillaged tome, I was able to save a shitload of trees. That is good.

Chapter One.

1. Architecture professors need to stay in school, they are useless to the profession.

The End.

My whole book is written on the other side of the COVER!

Please take the time to comment.

The inspiration for my first attempt at book writing can be found HERE. I do like the diagram on the front of the book though, you can find that right next to the term "Broken Exhaust Fan" in the dictionary.


ChristinaJade said...

pure, unadulterated genius. i smell multiple publishing awards in the future.

i must say, the drawing looks a bit like "christina's broken ceiling fan in the attic" - a term that has most likely been censored from webster's. main stream dictionaries. ugh.

Paul Mitchell said...

Not to downplay your overwhelming importance in the world, Christina, but yes, those proper nouns are always somewhat rare in the dictionary.

Your autographed copy of my groundbreaking book is in the mail.