Monday, December 29, 2008

The Thoughtless Man

There are quite a few things that I deal with daily that amaze me. Harrison linked to a really good humorous article that makes light of the truth, but alas, it is still the truth. The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.

I don't mean to get all preachy and everything, but from reading the news, to listening to the radio, to seeing the billboards as I drive down the road, I notice that the information being delivered is akin to a firehose aimed at a teacup. There are people that I deal with on a daily basis that do not possess the mental faculties to survive for more than a week without all types of assistance from others and they are NOT elderly or physically handicapped in any way, they simply refuse to think. Furthermore, they do not have the capacity to think if they should decide to do just that.

We have entered the final stage of a relentless assault on the ONE SINGLE TRAIT that sets man apart from all the other animals on the planet, rational thought. From cradle to grave, we are now continually told that there are NO absolutes in anything. That our ideas and our morals are subjective and they belong only to us. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not just my OPINION, it is fact. There are things that are right, and there are things that are wrong. You know it, everyone knows it. And those definitions are carved in stone from early on. Allowing yourself to ignore that basic premise is akin to surrender to evil.

Please keep in mind that I write this blog mainly as a humor blog. I try not to get too serious, there is simply too much to laugh at. But I am slowly coming to the realization that the powers that be that deign to preach removal of thought from your daily life, ARE evil. I have long held the opinion that they simply do not have the intelligence to recognize what they are doing, I have changed my mind on that opinion.

At the risk of offending people that are questioning things, I submit that we have elected for the leader of the free world, a man that holds no philosophy save for the desire to RULE. We see this in everything that he does, yet we cringe at the thought that he is a bad man, we just try to convince ourselves that he is human. He makes mistakes and that he is really, really smart.

That is NOT the case.

The first thing to think about is that when we state, "Well everyone makes mistakes, they are just human," we are accepting mediocrity as the standard of man. G_d created man in his own image, supposedly. Does this mean that G_d is a two-legged creature that has hair, a beard, and occasionally gets pimples or gas? I would like to think that is not how "in his own image" should be interpreted. Instead, I think that the similarities lie more in the thought processes that G_d has and has delivered to man. The morality and the achievement of the people that you surround yourself with are paramount to your greatness. Your G_d like quality is the absolute boundlessness of your mind and your ability to create the world in six days. Thought and then action, not the other way around.

We keep our mouths shut when people around us say stupid things like "Hopey-Change" and still manage to think that our kids and our kid's kids will be fine. We should know better by now. There is no way to continually saddle the creators and producers of future times with the stupidity millstones around their necks. We are to blame if that comes to pass. We KNOW better, we just ignore it and think that those people that are rotters could never actually be evil. We ignored the Muslims for a long time, too. We were wrong to do so.

Those rotters possess no intellectual ability past what they shall order for lunch. They have no clue what the lunacy of their policies shall deliver and do not care, they only crave subservient underlings to bow to their wishes. Observe that almost every Congressman has over thirty aides, assistants, secretaries, and pages. Underlings. Minions. Henchmen.

There is a right and there is a wrong.

To think that anything shall get better when Hillary Clinton is nominated to be the salesman's voice of the greatest country on Earth is seriously bent. And now, even the supposedly intelligent people are saying that she is a strong voice for the United States in regards to foreign policy! Where is the sanity? Hillary Clinton is one of the most disgusting humans of our era. If she were even preferable to the morons, wouldn't she have WON the election? She is a loser and now we want her to represent us, THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! in negotiations with rogue nations abroad? This is madness! The greatest represented by failure and mediocrity?

Anyhoo, I DO CARE about what happens to our country and we are NOT on the right path. We have made a grave error in the direction of our country's future and it is simply because the majority of our fellow citizens refuse to think or lack the capacity to do just that.

Get involved, NOW. Teach your kids the RIGHT way to do things and plan to take our country back from the folks with no morals and no intellectual ability. This is important and should be the focus of your entire life. There exists ONE country on the face of the Earth that still maintains a semblance of freedom and justice. Are we willing to sacrifice that because we are busy making a living?

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Steve B said...

Preach it, brutha Dogs.

My kids have to ride the bus to school for the first time in four years. They routinely come home with stories of the foul mouthed, disrespectful, downright abusive other kids on the bus. Swearing like stable hands, terrorizing younger kids.

It seems like actually raising your kids is getting to be a lost art. Most people seem content to let the school do it, with obvious results.

Often the hardest part of good parenting is just showing up every day to do the job. Apparently there's awhole lot of peole out there not "showing up."

Paul Mitchell said...

Wow, Steve, the Democrats run your kids' bus? The indoctrination sure starts early, huh?

So what are you planning on doing about the bullying cuss-mouths riding on the bus?