Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Can't Sleep Movie Watching - Afghan Knights (UPDATED!!)

Tagline: You can't fight what's in these mountains.

I am so excited. I am about to watch a movie that has the possibility of being even worse than Southland Tales.

Here's a review:

Out of every single movie I have ever seen so far, this is definitely in my "top 5 worst movies category". After reading some of the previous reviews, I'm somewhat confused. Why do you feel the need to give a movie 10 stars just to "balance things out"? That's not the point of a review. The point of a review is to be truthful and evaluate the overall film, not to be biased because you were involved in it. With that said. the fact that this person worked on the movie doesn't surprise me at all.

The acting? Horrible. Dialogue? Horrible. Storyline? ... You get the idea. I would only recommend this to people lacking taste in movies. It is honestly that bad. The only reason why I didn't feel cheated was because I watched this at my friends house. Luckily, I didn't pay for the rental, but I still lost 90 minutes of my life on this film. He's in the military, and even he thought this movie was awful. If there are movies made in Hell, this one's it.

Here's another with the subject line, "The WORST EVER MADE MOVIE Don't Waste your time watching it":

Do not get fooled by the title of this movie. If you want to honestly waste a good 90 mins of your life, then watch this. Otherwise, be warned it is one of the worst ever made movies of all times. The story does not make any sense and so is the actors. The native language spoken in the movie is Persian(Iranian Language) not Dari(Afghan Language) and this is supposed to be a movie about

I'll let you know the true skinny in an UPDATE.

UPDATE: This movie is not even in the Top 50 worst of all time. It was not even a military movie. It was just plain stupid, on the par with the Eddie Murphy "Fat Family" movies. You cannot make a good movie when you only spend three hundred dollars making it, you know. Skip it, it is just a waste of time and is not BAD like I am accustomed to. If you are a bad movie fan, rent Southland Tales or Queen of the Damned, those two will not disappoint.

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