Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WTW - The Linkdump Edition!

As fodder for my good friend, (Dead) Tommy 5, I present all the news that is really stupid. With video segue, courtesy of Engineering Johnson. It is the Holy Grail of DIY-dom.

From White Trash to Mississippi State's Negro Head Football Coach.

Chicago cracks down on crime, WITHIN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT!

Financial guys lurve them some Ben Bernanke. Money shot: Ben Bernanke should be in a padded room - within a jail. Two points for having a blog with the word "moron" in the title.

Soon to be on the bestseller list, "143 Days That Shaped a Nation: The Senate Career of Barack Obama." Because it is very hard to pinpoint exactly what accomplishment that you want in a president. If any.

Is it ironic that Joe the Plumber is more intellectually curious than the presumed incoming president? His reading list SAYS NO! Just so you know, the last book that Obama read was when he was seven and it was "Horton Hears a Who."

A trip down Memory Lane, with sexy chicks!

Since our presumed new president is looking to purchase a new pet for the little princesses, (Dead) Tommy 5 thinks THIS IS APPROPRIATE. And it is hypoallergenic, too!

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