Thursday, December 04, 2008

P0wning the Googlewebs - Version 2.0

Any one that has been reading this here blarg, knows that I am a panty-wearing Google booty-boy. For some reason the developers at Google read my mind at what is important to me and fill that need even before I realize the need exists.

You also probably know that I use Google Reader for all my blarc reading pleasure. Imagine my surprise when I logged on a minute ago and saw the new interface for Reader. I am impressed, not as much as I was with iGoogle restructuring and G-Mail themes, but impressed just the same.

Google has decided clutter is bad. I agree.

Also, in a move of extreme frustration for me, (Dead) Tommy 5 e-mailed me a link to NCARB's test examination site. This is how stupid architects are. The entire site is Flash based. Flash assumes control of your video card and screws up AutoCad, our industry's primary development program. The tutorial also teaches you how to double-click your mouse. IN LESSON TWO! You know, most architects should not know how to even use a computer, since they have only been doing so since the 1950s. Good heavens, architects are morons.

'Scuse me while I go shoot myself in the stomach.

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