Friday, December 05, 2008

The Friday Morning Link Around

As I try to prepare for the College Footbaw National Championship Game this weekend, my mind is NOT on politics. People continually push my head toward the food dish though and I am steadily looking at their hand as they attempt this feat. Sorry, I have resolved myself to being kicked in the nuts for minimally the next two years, and probably the next four. I have purchased Spam™ futures to temper the losses of income from the screeching halt of the construction business. Let's check to see what is happening in our world, anyway.

Does anyone at all think that Barbara Walters is a journalist? I think that the comparison of Barry and Michelle Obama to John and Jackie Kennedy is a pretty good comparison. Both families are feckless morons that have no clue what in the Hell is going on. Oh, and the Kennedy White House was never referred to as "Camelot" until he was dead and buried, just so you know. And if you were an adult during that time frame, you remember what a douchebag moron John Kennedy was.

Also, John F. Kerry has come out and admitted he is liberal. SHOCKER. Four years after making a run at the presidency as a staunch centrist, he tells us that he lied. I. Am. Stunned.

In the past week, it has been reported over and over that economic figures were revised to show that we have been in recession since last December. Well, ONLY IF YOU CHANGE THE DEFINITION.

Is it odd that the Obamessiah cannot get one single hospital in Hawaii to say that he was birthed there? Why would the presumed new president NOT just turn over his birth certificate? Is the overturning of the Constitution NECESSARY FOR A SUCCESSFUL OBAMA PRESIDENCY?

Here's an article written about Atlas Shrugged. The fun part is the comment section. The Moron Population of the Earth exceeds ninety-five percent, folks.

I have never visited Democratic Underground, but have read numerous articles fisking everything that they say. Instead of impeachment, they are now PROMOTING PRISON AND EXECUTION FOR BUSH AND CHENEY.

Here's another fisking of DU. With regards to the left's intellectual understanding of G_d and religion. Too funny.

Thank goodness the Democrats took control of the Congress back in 2006, otherwise the families of all those fine upstanding Democrats wouldn't get a bunch of money embezzled to them from campaign contributions. Ethics is just a river in Egypt. Wait, that's not quite right, huh?

Barney Frank decries the lack of women in stuff. Whaaat the Hell? In case you do not know, Barney likes the meatsickle.

What exactly does it mean that we elected a black man as President?

Man, I am so relieved that they finally cleared that Middle East problem up. Who the Hell knew that it was all over a damn LAWNMOWER?

The ten weirdest USB devices EVAH! Gotta get me one of them George Foreman grills.

The final word on Plaximuss Berries gun problem.

In honor of Canada FINALLY becoming a country (really they just completed the paperwork necessary), Andy attempts to show HOW TO RECOGNIZE A CANADIAN. With SEC pr0n!

High class trailer trash from ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL. This post is like a three-fer of things that do not go together. Architecture, Colorado, and good grammar.

College footbaw picks to follow after lunchtime.

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A Mama's Blog (Heather) said...

Funny post- thanks for the link back to my blog post on the "recession." I'll be back to your blog.

Paul Mitchell said...

No thanks necessary, Heather. It always amazes me when mothers/fathers have time to even get dressed, much less have time to type a cogent article questioning our media.

(Just so you know, I was a single parent for a long time. Spawning should be limited to those that have a very strange constitution and oo-koodles of patience. There should be a test. A test that I would have failed miserably.)

Thanks for stopping by.