Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Pointing Something Out to Morons

The contradiction of moron philosophy so dumbfounds me that I continually think about it and try to understand.

They say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Yet, the people that emigrate to our country are not expected to react that way. That's a weird contradiction.

No, moonbats, we ARE NOT ROME, we are the United States of America, but if you use that philosophical premise, the same thing applies when you replace the word "Rome" with the phrase "United States of America." Can you understand that? **

Then, to add stupidity to foolishness in their philosophy, when I do not conform to moonbattery or I attempt to show the Romans that for the love of G_d they are stupid, the moonbats get all up in arms. Can anyone make any sense at all of the exponential contradictions that morons hold dear?

Dude, I am just stunned that they survive, you know because of that Natural Selection thingy going on.

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** I am sorry if any of you people with above average intelligence were offended by my having to add this line, but just as sure as I did not put it in there, an Obamabot would have e-mailed me screeching that we were not in Rome, because they are stupid.