Sunday, December 28, 2008

Presidents Past and Future

Matt Friedeman had a column in today's Worst Newspaper Evah! and he concluded, excluding Reagan, that George W. Bush is the best President in his lifetime. AND IT'S TRUE, MOONBATS!

I was born in 1964, so I remember little of Lyndon Baines "Kill the Will of the Man" Johnson. But, huge government bureaucrat and overwhelming racist kinda kills it for me.

Next up was Nixon, and despite the fact that he did get us extracted from the Democrat debacle of Vietnam, he still went down in the flames of corruption.

Gerald Ford never won a Presidential election, so he really doesn't count. But, mediocre at best.

Jimmah Carter was next and just about surrendered our country to Iran, destroyed the economy, and ruined our military. Easily, the absolute WORST in my lifetime.


George H.W. Bush was the typical northeast big government liberal with a penchant for offering his lips for reading.

Bill Clinton: Impeached. Disbarred. Married to Hillary. 'Nuff said? Second worst.

That leaves, George W. Bush, the second best President in my lifetime, with no other President coming close.

So, Barry Obama does at least have the chance to be third unless all of the corruption that he is involved in does see the light of day. Funny, huh? Government is friggin' awesome!

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