Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Late Night WTW - A Two Dogs Meet-Up

Just got back into the room from going to supper with (Dead) Tommy 5 and his family. The new entry into the Klan is denoted by the arrow. It was really good to get together and enjoy some good food and interesting conversation. Mrs. (Dead) Tommy 5 is the one wearing the red shirt and she has to finally go back to work tomorrow. Like eight weeks is enough time to actually get everything back to normal after a screeching little blob of flesh destroys the family serenity.

Since (Dead) Tommy 5 spent the majority of the evening talking about work, I thought that I would get this linkdump ball rolling with WORK.

When you think of good architecture, immediately you think of public housing projects in Chicago, because if you think about the typical architecture of our country, you are not very smart. Money shot: "one of the best public housing projects in Chicago." Meet George Jetson.....

And as long as we are fixated on da' po', please understand that everything we try to do to help the poor, HURTS THE POOR.

When you think of poor, you automatically think of Mississippi. The two are inseparable. And you think of the Legislative Black Caucus, the very outspoken champions of the poor in Mississippi. Well, except for the Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson, that happens to be black, and that happens to be taking illegal trips to the Caribbean, paid for by poor black folks from Mississippi.

Or you think about Bennie's smoked-out, blazing buddy, THE OBAMESSIAH. I like to call Barry, "The 1970s Pimp-Mac-Daddy." Lurve the hat, there Barry.

FYI, if you are using Internet Explorer Leak-a-Rama as your browser, THE PATCH IS RELEASED. Fix yo' shit.

Since I met with (Dead) Tommy 5, I thought that I would show you what he's been up to. He's a BREEDER.

So sorry for the short post today. My connection here at this trillion dollar hotel blows and my AOL is not working too well. 14.4, baby.

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