Friday, December 19, 2008

Let me Outta My Damn Contract - Linkdump

There are certain things that I simply must accept as givens. Number one of those things is that there are very few intelligent people left in this world. I think that we can all agree to that glaring fact, otherwise there would be no news at any time that would interest us. You know that there is no time that you are surprised at the daily news stories. "Man shows up at emergency room with water buffalo embedded in anus" is no longer even interesting to you. Your curiosity doesn't even prod you to read the article. That headline is a yawner. Now, if he showed up with a helicopter with spinning rotors, MAYBE you would even finish reading the headline.

That said, here's all the news that doesn't interest you in the least.

When you nominate a Secretary of Labor that doesn't even feel the need to admit there are criminal aliens pouring into the country, WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT SHALL BEGET?

When you nominate a person for Secretary of Education that has reduced Chicago public schools to the bombed out equivalent to Kuwait City during the first Gulf War, WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT SHALL DELIVER?

When you have "trusted" news readers that actually espouse the idea that the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to wed anyone or anything that you so desire, WHERE DO YOU THINK MORALITY IS HEADING?

When the population chooses to embrace a morally bankrupt druggie for the highest office in the land and idolizes him to the point of God status, HOW DO WE TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO BEHAVE OTHERWISE?

When we are in the midst of an economic downturn and people that offer NOTHING for the betterment of those that elected them give themselves a pay raise for NOTHING, how do we become accustomed to INDIVIDUALITY, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY?

When criminals are in charge of our government and routinely invade the privacy of the population, how do we overcome the intrusiveness of people THAT POSSESS NO CONCEPT OF RIGHT AND WRONG?

When there is an actual need for sites that point to the complete and total corruption of an entire political party because the media doesn't do their job, HOW DOES ANYONE BELIEVE ANYTHING, ANYMORE?

And if the concept of right and wrong is an evolving and revolving perception issue of the majority of those in power, HAVE WE LOST THE CONCEPT OF 'RULE OF LAW, NOT MAN?'

It has been ten years ago today that President William Jefferson Clinton was impeached for criminal behavior. We have come full circle in that short period of time. From digging out of the ash pit of seediness, to climbing the cliffs of corruption, to standing on the precipice of righteous indignation, to sliding down the slippery slope of re-declining values, to the bottom of the ash pit once again. Lessons taught, yet never learned.

After all of that bitching, here's a photo of the equivalent of the INCOMING PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION. (Hat-tip: IMAO)

What, if anything, can be done to stop the decline of western civilization? You decide, only your life depends on it.

By western civilization, I actually mean civilization the world over. BEER? LIVE SNAKES? DEAR LORD. (hat-tip: Doubleplusundead)

Now, you are actually going to tell me that even the ARCHITECTURE INDUSTRY IS AFFECTED BY DEMOCRAT CONTROL? How the Hell am I going to eat?

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