Friday, December 05, 2008

Livin' the Footbaw Lifestyle

Rule number one: Ovens are inexpensive appliances. Replace them, never clean them.

Rule number two: Cooking less than an entire pack of brats at a time is wasteful on the electricity as well as the steps to and from the oven. Efficiency is key, dude.

Rule number three: NEVER touch anything shown in this photo after ten minutes of the oven being set to BROIL and five hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Trust me, that is very uncomfortable.

Rule number four: NEVER cook when small children are in the vicinity. Increasing their vocabulary with the words you speak after violating rule number three is NOT good parenting.

Rule number five: Eat brats.

Tomorrow, I plan on posting the Thanksgiving spread that I laid out for the chick party. If you like food pr0n, tomorrow would be an ideal time to watch the blarg show on Mean Ol' Meany.

Until then, enjoy this food-related one word review. (Hat-tip: Reverse Vampyr)

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