Friday, December 05, 2008

Solving the Current Political Crisis

It just dawned on me exactly how to solve the problem with the very small concentration of morons that decide who runs our government. A simple modification of the Electoral College can produce this feat. Offer a maximum number of delegates to a state. Once that state exceeds the size of the maximum delegate number, the state has to split into two states based on population.

The Constitution is saved, without ditching the state's rights, and we will quit having to give all of the delegates of California to Democrats every year. We would never have another Democrat President evah! And that, my friends (that have jobs and pay taxes) solves everything. I wish that I could fly around the world fast enough to make the rotation change, go back in time, and then maybe, just maybe, we would not have elected the dumbest president ever to be elected in the history of the world. Yes, that includes Grak, the third president of Thorkville in 9876 BC. He was almost a third as stupid as our current presumed President-Elect and Grak didn't know what fiyah even was.

Your welcome.

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