Sunday, December 21, 2008

Musical Bizzaro Darwinism

Since there has never been one iota of scientific proof of Darwin's "Natural Selection Theory," I decided to prove the exact opposite of his theory is true.

Jimi Hendrix. Dead. Survival of the fittest doesn't mean the most talented, huh? How deep does his legacy reach? Does that count as his species surviving or does that mean that he was not one of the fit? Below, Jimi's reach continues.

Follow the links in progression, please. They will show the connection. They are kinda strange, too.

Whitney Houston < Cissy Houston < Burning of the Midnight Lamp < Jimi

Carlos Santana < Woodstock < Janie Hendrix < Jimi

Hello Kitty < Hello Kitty Strat < Yngwie Malmsteen Strat < Fender Stratocaster < Jimi

Yeah, I know that none of these things make any sense to someone that exists outside of my head, but I like to link stuff in this asinine blog for my own future reference, too.

Finally, since Jimi is dead and U2 is about to release another album, does that mean that U2 is MORE fit than Jimi? Dang, I hope The Edge plays that continuous trippy note that he lurves.

Just so you know, Rolling Stone ranks Jimi as the greatest guitarist of all time. I don't think that is particularly true, but he's a shitload better than The Edge, who ranked at 24 while never playing more than ONE FRIGGIN' NOTE.

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Roland Hulme said...

"...never been one iota of scientific proof of Darwin's "Natural Selection Theory,"..."

Aww, geeze. Not this shit again.


Paul Mitchell said...

It's still taught as if it were science. The next thing you know those very same morons will start talking about the Earth heating up and we are all gonna DIE.

Anonymous said...

Since there has never been one iota of scientific proof of Darwin's "Natural Selection Theory,"

Are you joking or are you just plain stupid?

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the kind words, Bobxxx. There is no evidence that supports the theory of natural selection that has ever been found, UNLESS you count the sheeple that have regressed in brainpower to the point that they believe in natural selection.

Thanks for playing, here's your helmet. Try not to bite your tongue off.