Monday, December 22, 2008

A Big Dose of Obama-Ade - The Linkdump

In a determined effort to get your hemp-thong all embedded, I have scoured the web for thorough mockery of the latest news. The fact that most of the folks that work in Barrystream Media do not possess the intellectual curiosity to keep their hands off the glowing red ring on the stove proves that Natural Selection is a myth to the standards of the Glow-bull Warming standard set by "scientists." If Bean's post below about Fran Drescher being interested in serving as a New York Senator didn't disturb you, maybe some of these links shall.

In the USA Today today, Maria Puente referred to the incoming administration as "Obamalot," might I suggest instead "Obamatroit?" My term seems more fitting, don't you think? (Just so you know, Puente is what is accepted as a "news reporter" in this The Era of the Moron.)

Not only does the media think that Michelle Obamoron is the bee's knees, but they also have the temerity to think that a FUCKING CLINTON! can restore the "image of our nation." Painfully enough, this ridiculous thought from our media doesn't surprise me in the least. You know, those same Clintons that made our country a laughing stock of the entire globe, an image that the centrist George W. Bush has made great strides in repairing. Ask an Iraqi.

Newsweek was not satisfied with the glowing hummer that they delivered to the Arkansas Trailer-Trash family, they had to heap some more fellatio upon the Obamas, too. AGE OF OBAMA? Age of Obama? What in mortal Hell are these folks DRANKING?

In another funny twist, new media gets into the game by trying to advocate execution of adulterers BECAUSE OF THE DENIAL OF GAY MARRIAGE. Of course, the argument here is that since all adulterers are conservative, no liberals shall be executed and then we can have gay marriage. This theory is brought to you by the same folks that believe in Natural Selection, 9-11 Trooferism, and Global Warming.

Speaking of global warming, wonder what the current ACTUAL WEATHER is like around the world? Duane Lester gives a linkdump to REAL STUFF.

In the "Reality Based Community" news, we have Forbes chiming in on the lunacy that is the lack of philosophy, knowledge of history, and refusal to even attempt to logically think through problems. Is it any wonder that the conclusion is that LIBERALISM IS DESTROYING THE WEST? You know, since it has already destroyed every other place in the world.

We also know that the people that refer to themselves as "liberal" are stupid, uncaring, viciously violent, and self-righteous. This is only proven 100% OF THE TIME.

In the Religion of Peace update, a shocking fact is discovered. Barely 100% of all of the most wanted terrorists in the world are NOT CHRISTIANS. I'm beginning to think that Islam might start shopping for a new tag line instead of "Religion of Peace." As always, I have an absolutely FREE suggestion. Try "The Religion of a Bunch of Unwashed, Illiterate, Murdering Shitheels That Make Michael Jackson Look Sane." My acronym reads, "TRBUIMSTMMJLS." Dang, that makes no sense at all, gotta work on that one.

While I am pretty certain that these news articles shall not shock you in the least, it is a really good representation of the depths that our media dredges. Journalism is an art that is lost, so maybe there is some truth to that Natural Selection theory when we see that The New York Times stock is completely worthless.

By the way, can anyone offer a description of "EXTREME RELAXATION?" Man, my curiosity is blaring over that one.

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