Monday, December 22, 2008

The Truth Train Avoids Kiffin Country

This is my reaction to the news below.

We all lamented the firing of Philment Falmert from the University of Orange Rocky Top because it was stupid. We also lamented the hiring of the imbecilic Lane Kiffin as Platypus Flopmer's replacement.

However, there is good news surrounding the douchehumpery in Volunstupid. Lane talked his deddy into coming to croatch the defense. This is a very good move because Monte Kiffin is right up there with the best defensive minds in the NFL. Maybe this has a remote chance of off setting the loser-excellence of Lane Kiffin. Tennessee may never score a single point, but at least those losing games will not be blowouts because Monte will teach the defense to keep the other teams from scoring too many points.

That said, the little ass-hat, Jim Rome, had Lane Kiffin on his round-up of moronity today and Lane vomited out this line, "The Monte Kiffin hire had nothing to do with him being my father."

Let this be said Lane, if you were not Monte's loser son, he would have never agreed to come to Rocky Top. You are a top-tier loser and your deddy is sick of you ruining his good reputation by showing that the gene pool has doodie in it.

(By the way, it is somewhat chilly in the 'Sip today, currently it is 31 degrees Fahrenheit at noon. I had to wear the toque, glubbs, and my down vest when I went for my stroll at lunch. Al Gore, your screeching about global warming worked, please shut your cakehole.)

Here's Lane trying to convince Deddy to coach at UT.

Now, if you think that MY Vols post was crazy, TRY THIS ONE.

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