Monday, December 22, 2008

Shocking Truth About Obama

According to this e-mail that I received, which hails from Joe Biden's Slave State of Delaware*, the SHOCKING truth about Obama is that he is hung like a hamster.

I love looking at some of these spam internet letters that I receive. What in the mortal Hell is crawling out of this guy's junk? Is that an Obamagasm? I mean dude is obviously enjoying whatever it is enough to look to the Heavens and perform a fistpump. And what the mortal Hell is flying around behind that chick? Is that a fart that smells like roses? Or are those the typical Batman *Kablam!*Pow!*Zowie!* exclamations of her getting plowed by monster hung guy?

Finally, how exactly do you become the #1 penis enlargement supplement worldwide? Geez, this is probably the smartest business endeavor that Biden has ever lent his garage to and that is saying a mouthful. <--git it? Mouthful. Biden. Penis.

We now claim to be your number one stop for dick jokes on the wobbyblegs, folks.

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*Yes, Delaware was a slave state and was the very last state to abolish slavery. Why do you think that Biden's family lives there and he refers to the Obamoron as "his boy?"