Friday, December 12, 2008

Rahmbo? You Gotta Be Kidding Me Linkdump

This simply has to be said. While reading the news this morning, I happened on yet another person referring to Rahm Emanuel as "Rahmbo." Dude, this guy is a little fancy-pants nobody that is about as intimidating as a flower growing in a windowsill. To refer to him as "Rahmbo," is utterly and totally emasculating to all of the women that raise toddlers. Christ, Rahmbo. Those that think Rahm Emanuel is a tough guy, probably sort their garbage for the "recycling" truck. Bunch of weak-kneed dang pansy-boys are all that are involved in the Democrat Party. Carville is about the only one that even remotely reminds me of a damn man and his wife taught him how to act that way. Rahmbo, shut the Hell up.

On to the linky-lurving.

I have just waited for THIS. With the election of the first Halfrican-American to the position of president, The United Caucasian College Fund had to be right around the corner. Kudos and yes, it is run by a black dude. I wonder if David ("David" is black? Why not JaMalcolm or something like that?) checked out his site with Blackbird, The Negro Browser.

Not only are the housing, job, and financial markets experiencing a downturn, but now the SENATING Market is taking a hit as well. Depression, just like the early Twentieth Century.

Bettie Page passed away yesterday. And if you want to see some of her stuff, and you are at work and they block pr0n, try these things RIGHT HERE.

While I am dealing with the construction of my business site, layout was difficult without knowing the exact pixel width and placement on the screen. THIS LAYOUT TOOL SOLVED THAT PROBLEM.

Load times are another thing that we are concerned with, so extensive testing has gone on to speed things up. CHECK YOUR SITE LOADS TIMES HERE. You want traffic? Your site better load in four seconds or less. We time "Mean Ol' Meany" with a calendar.

Remember when we were talking about the Bowl Swag and all the stuff that the players get? CHECK THE LOOT OUT. This doesn't include the damn rings that they get, either.

Canada is a child hating shithole
. Well, according to UNICEF it is, which means not at all.

On to covering the corruption that is blistering its way down the Government Autobahn. Yes, I am referring to the onrushing Lie/Cheat/Steal philosophy of the Obamoron Administration and the Governor Blagojevich scandal. Does anyone in this entire world think that Barry is being honest about things going on up there? Does anyone in this entire world think that they stood on the throat of this scandal to get Barry elected? Federal officials admit it. If you don't, please do not use sharp objects.

When Barry scrubs the "Office of the President-Elect" website, YOU KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM.

Of course, the presumed president-elect has already begun lying about his involvement to the point of saying that he has had no contact with Governor Hot Rod. THIS PHOTO FROM LAST TUESDAY PROVES BARRY IS A LIAR.

Yesterday, Jesse Jackson Jr said that he has not been lobbying for the Barry Senate seat. I guess offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS DOESN'T QUALIFY AS LOBBYING.

That little fancy-boy that sissies refer to as "Rahmbo," kinda got his lacy thong all bunched up when questioned about payola for Hot Rod. HE SNATCHED UP HIS PURSE AND FLED THE WIMMEN'S ROOM.

Maybe, just maybe, Pennsylvania DEMOCRAT Governor Ed Rendell isn't too skeered of that little Emanuel fellow. He called out the Obamessiah. Of course, those folks in Pennsylvania are all racists, bitterly clinging to their guns 'n shit.

And in breaking news, Italians are friggin' morons. Why? Because they added the Obamas to their NATIVITY SCENES. Is it too late to completely destroy Italy or is World War II actually over?

Does it really take a genius to destroy the arguments of Keith Olbermann? NAW, BUT IT CERTAINLY DOESN'T HURT.

You know what? I hear that there are some Democrats that are not exactly ethical and honest. LARGEST FRAUD SCANDAL IN WORLD HISTORY. Name that party. Sorry, it ain't George Soros, better luck next time.


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