Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Strikes are a Good Idea When Everyone is Laying Folks Off Linkdump

Since (Dead) Tommy 5 subscribes to all of the Leatherboy Magazines and niche tradepapers, he had the jump on everyone for the vacation day coming tomorrow. The weird thing is that I had planned on going to the florist, then getting my hair cut, then going to eat lunch at that new tapas restaurant. In other words, my Wednesday is friggin' ruined. At least there won't be any soccer on the television.

And we can be certain that THIS GUY is staying home to massage Kevyn's colon. Or vice versa.

As long as we are on the subject, when did Janet Reno get Lasik done? Holy shit, that is the eighth governor of Illinois that is going to prison? Wonder how quickly Governor Rod will roll over on Barry? Holy crap, that statement was too gay.

Can anyone fill me in on exactly WHY Michele Obama becoming First Lady is historic? You know, I find it funny that someone would begin their review of the biography of one of the Chosen Ones with "It's unfortunate that Michelle is such a dull book." I cannot think of one single reason that book would be interesting.

The US House is planning on calling the folks responsible for the utter failure of the economy to the Hill to 'splain things. I can only imagine the extremely intelligent questions that are GOING TO BE ASKED.

Yet, even though they are going to ask a bunch of stupid questions of the morons, they are still going to give more MONEY TO ANOTHER BUNCH OF MORONS.


And lastly, do you plan on watching the Rose Bowl? How could anyone in the country think that uSCCC playing Joe Pa would even be a game that is remotely viewable? I would rather watch dust.

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