Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WTW - The Gay Vacation Edition

Since we are now entering the era of children running the asylum, I thought that it would be a good idea to show what the Ivy League White Trash looks like. And you thought only Southerners could be White Trash. R-I-G-H-T. Here we see the folks preparing for yet another morning on the streets assuming their most important roles mandated by the incoming Moron Administration. Well, not today, because today is a vacation day for Democrats. Remember the illegal alien vacation day that did so much to slow business? Yes, me neither. I am assuming that today will have even less of an impact, because less than one percent of the population is gay.

The percentage is higher, much higher in the Muslim population though.

The Dead Tree Media has a very high population of folks vacationing today, but that could be because there is not one single newspaper that is showing a good economic future in their accounting department. Could that be because they destroyed their very own credibility during this past election? Yesterday the Chicago Tribune stock was trading a FIVE CENTS PER SHARE and The New York Times borrowed 225 million against their building. Dead Tree Media is gone folks.

The big news this week is Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois getting busted for being a douchebag. Seriously, he was arrested for doing the very same things that Democrats across the country do, he was trying to sell Barry's Senate seat. Of course, the Moron-Elect vehemently denied having anything to do with that. And of course, Barry was lying. But, y'all don't care. We shall now have the most corrupt White House (exceeding even the Clintons) to match the most corrupt Congress. Awesome.

Do you mean to tell me that Jesse Jackson Junior is corrupt, too? NO. FRIGGIN'. WAY.

There was also manipulation from Governor Rod's administration to put the screws to the Chicago Trib's guys to ease up on his peoples. And some folks are saying that we need to bailout the newspapers. KILL. ME. DEAD.

And yet again, the Barry Moron White House is starting off on the corrupt foot. Did Bill Clinton know that having Barry Obama as a Corruptocrat in Chief would help Bill's legacy? How are Democrats even allowed to hold meetings, doesn't that violate their parole or something?

It is beyond my comprehension how the terrorists held at Guantanamo continually get into the news and our military is continually chastised for torturing them. What's next? Are blowjobs going to become considered as a method of torture? Thank goodness the panty-wearing milquetoasts of the ACLU are off today.

Jon Jay Ray steals my statement of "There IS such a thing as right and wrong." Thank you, sir. (This is a philosophy post that you should read.)

Holy Kee-Rist! Wonder who THIS GUY voted for in November? I am speechless, but it is White Trash Wednesday. OH NOES!!

Blagojevich is a REDNECK.

Since we all know that with newspapers becoming a thing of the past, we should be prepared for the impending failure of television, too. HERE's a site that lets you search for past episodes of quality programming. You know, like The Andy Griffith Show or Benson.

Darwinism - FAIL.

And since (Dead) Tommy 5 is off work today, he sent me this video of what he is up to today. He looks almost as good as Beyonce, huh? In case you are wondering, (Dead) Tommy 5 is refusing to respond to my e-mails today unless I refer to him by his stage name of "He-yonce'." That is just gay.

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Anonymous said...

don't you mean "Since we are now entering the era of INSANE children running the asylum,"?


Paul Mitchell said...

ShyAsrai, you obviously have no children. Trust me when I state emphatically, and for the record, all children are certifiably insane. Especially mine.

Pardon me, I have to go beat the children now.

Anonymous said...

For such a seemingly articulate writer you seem to see the world in all black and white. Is there anything a Dem could do right in your eyes or are you just as brainwashed as the rest of your righty clan?

For a party that wants less government you people seem to want control and judge the actions of everyone else.

Paul Mitchell said...

Since you started out with a compliment.....thanks, I like to think that I am articulate.

I am not on the right, those are anarchists, the Goat Children of the Democrat Party. I am an individualist. That means that I stand staunchly at the center and make up my mind on individual issues. Unlike the Moonbat Left of Socialism or the Moonbat Right of Anarchy. I adhere more closely to the Republican Party because their platform is more morally sound and is the most centrist since Democrats occupy the Far-Left AND the Far-Right.

Thanks for the kind words, well other than the brainwashing comment. Think about Obamabot and brainwashing together.