Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Republican Culture of Corruption

This arrest of Barry Obama's buddy, Governor Rod Blagojevich, got me curious. Since every single person in the Dead Tree Media keeps saying that Republicans get arrested all the time, I decided to look at the history of Illinois' governors. What I found just solidified my assumptions. The list of Illinois governors is HERE.

Democrats get arrested at a rate eighty percent higher than Republicans.

Since we know that absolutely no corruption got exposed until Civil Rights legislation started coming into the news, I went back to the governorship during those times. I actually went back to the turn of the Twentieth Century but found no arrests before Otto Kerner, Jr. in the very early 1960's.

The very last Democrat governor elected in Illinois that has NOT gotten arrested is Adlai E. Stevenson II, who left office in 1953. Every single Democrat governor of Illinois since that time has gotten arrested. Four of four, one hundred percent.

Since Adlai E. Stevenson II left office, exactly ONE Republican has gotten arrested, George Ryan. Five Republicans have held the office since 1953, a rate of twenty percent.

Mathematics PROVES that Democrats are eighty percent more likely to be indicted than Republicans.

Uh, the title of this post is incorrect, change "Republican" in the title to read "Overwhelming Democrat."

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog greatly. This particular blog post was very well stated. Thanks for the info.

As time allows I may mail you a few questions if they're not answered through my reading.

Enjoy your snow per your posts upstream ;)

P.S. Bean has only posted three times, that I can see.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am certain that Bean has posted more than three times, but she doesn't post with any regularity. She is a worse blogger than me, if that is even remotely possible.

Thanks very much for the kind words.