Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mississippi Style Global Warming Linkdump

Holy crap, someone hacked my blog and installed a ratings system at the bottom of every post. I did not do it, so it must be a new feature from Haloscan. Gimme some high, high ratings, folks. It makes us money.

Well, it's official. I am stuck at home for the next day or so. Seriously, Mississippi drivers are the worst. After working until five this morning, I tried to get a little sleep. I was awakened with a call at about 9:30 asking if it was snowing at my house. I was kinda stunned since I wore shorts yesterday. Crap, it's snowing, an event that occurs once every four years around these parts. Usually it hangs around for a solid four hours. This one looks to be one of those "once every twenty years" snow thingies.

I had to go pick up some money and send a fax, so into the road I went. Ten cars in ditches between my house and the coffee store. Oh friggin' joy. If you don't hear from me after tomorrow, it's because I starved to death rather than get out and play bumper cars with the morons.

On to the dump.

While driving around looking at the idiots that have no clue what the Hell they are doing, I thought that it would be a good idea to just station wreckers at every street corner. And I wondered if there was any site where you could find a hospital in an area you were not familiar with, THERE IS.

Since Mississippi is the poorest state in the FORCED union, there is no wonder that there are so many people driving into ditches today. POOR CHILDREN ARE STUPID.

Is it an actual miracle that Mississippi drivers are friggin' morons, but THIS CHICK can fly a plane with NO FRIGGIN' ARMS? I would rather fly in a plane piloted by an armless girl than drive on Mississippi highways when there is ice on the ground. Amazing.

Pete and Myrtle's house is one of those cookie cutter "ranch-styles" that were so popular in the 1970's and 1980's. I am wondering when THESE HOUSES will be referred to as "Cookie Cutter." The answer is NEVAH! The architects of these shitty houses should be sentenced to death.

And while we are on the topic of killing architects, maybe we should erect a gallows for the ones that built these LIBRARIES, TOO. Personally, I would rather see what the armless pilot girl could construct, or a blind person. They couldn't do any worse.

No doubt anymore, DEATH TO ALL ARCHITECTS.

Since I went to bed thinking about BUILDING ONE OF THESE to satisfy my craving to get out and do some ice dancing, the need has vanished. Well, at least it has in Mississippi.

The presumed president elect's wife has a thing or two to teach Hillary Clinton about corruption, graft, and stealing. MOST. CORRUPT. ADMINISTRATION. EVAH. (Even before they are even an administration.)

This is my first creation of the morning. I like to call it a "SNOW ANGEL." How's that for original?

I guess that for the next day or so, my only contact with the outside world shall be the local dog trainer. There are two good articles EVERY SINGLE YEAR in the Clarion Ledger. THIS AIN'T ONE OF THEM. There is actually a human being that believes that Sarah Palin was a drag on the Republican presidential ticket. New slogan for the Clarion Ledger offered free of charge, "All of the news that is fit to print for the purpose of proving that we are the biggest morons that walk the face of the Earth." Yeah, it kinda needs some pithying up, but you see the way that it's headed.

On the arrest of Obama's good friend and buddy, Governor Stealing Rod, Jesse Jackson Jr. finds the need to express that he is not a target of the investigation, MEANWHILE JESSE SR. LAWYERS UP. Contradiction? You decide.

While we are sitting at home doing nothing, maybe we should aspire to greater things. LIKE TAKING AN ONLINE ENGINEERING COURSE FROM STANFORD. Free.

I am glad those courses are free because I live in an entire STATE that is run by Democrats and always has been. Why is Mississippi the poorest state in the country? CHECK IT OUT.

I am headed out to shovel snow and stuff. Gotta get out the snow blower, too. Man, I am so glad that I bought that back in 1983, it has been used almost three times already.

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