Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top Conservatives on Twitter

This is one of my standard frothing-at-the-mouth weekend posts that I bury on the days with little traffic so I do not appear to be too much of a shoe-chucking nutcase. <--Click it!!!! If you are turned off by those, read no further, please.

I think that a personal philosophy must be developed before you tackle any situation or circumstance, so political thought and the steps taken to tackle daily situations should be already determined far ahead of the actual action taken on any problem. This seems to be the prerequisite for anything and everything in my limited understanding of life in general.

There is a move underfoot to engage the people that still have a brain and judging by the sheer numbers of folks involved, it can certainly make a big difference. Top Conservatives on Twitter is concentrating efforts to motivate conservatives to get involved in the political process, a job at which we have failed miserably, but it is only a small part of returning this country to adulthood. This cannot be a simple movement, it must become a way of life and a promotion of the intelligent philosophy.

To accomplish this monumental task, the liberal mindset must be crushed and driven into the ground with our boot heels. The only way that I see to accomplish this is to promote the principles upon which our country was founded and to lop off the government teat for good.

There is a marked difference between today's philosophy of conservatism and today's philosophy of liberalism. The main difference that I see is that liberals see a situation at hand, remove all facts from the debate, and steadfastly attack that problem in a complete vacuum, never stopping to understand the ramifications of their idiotic actions. Federal control of our education system comes to mind immediately. This government agency has never contributed a single positive aspect to the learning capacity of our children, but is the biggest, most intrusive element of the Fed. That liberal mindset is ensuring that our kids get dumber while liberal teachers with no intelligence inundate those student's little heads with the most mindless drivel that is immediately forgotten the second that the liberals accomplish what they want.

Point in case, global warming quickly became CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE the minute that science proved the lunacy of global warming was WRONG. What shall they choose as the terminology-of-the-minute next time they are proven wrong?

Yet another point in case. Barry Obama had one task since he tossed his weed-smoking Panama hat into the Presidential campaign ring. That was to simply get elected by any means necessary. Luckily, he had a national media chock full of morons that was complicit in his victory. Since he was elected, the market has gone haywire again, unemployment has started its Democrat mandated minimum wage induced upward climb, companies are fleeing the country as fast as they can, and the economy is in a free fall tailspin. Such is always the case when Democrats are in charge, but the conservatives have never taken the time to drive home that point in a forum that is delivered with any success.

On the other hand, liberals care about nothing but themselves. This is proven by the utter lack of charitable contributions from any of them. They want to take YOUR money and give to other people that vote for them, but then they simply turn their back on those beneficiaries the minute they are elected. Here's Barry's Twitter page. Someone posted 263 times in the run up to election day. Since November 5, 2008, there has been NOT ONE ENTRY. Less than twelve hours after getting elected, Barry stopped listening to his base of sheeple. He got what he wanted and then proceeded to turn his back on anyone that was remotely in his corner.

Trust me, I have no problem at all with selfishness. The term means "concerned with one's own interest." I am concerned totally about my own interest. It doesn't mean concerned with one's own interest at the expense of everyone else, though. Selfishness is a positive thing.

However, sacrifice is a totally negative trait. The definition of sacrifice is to surrender an item of value for an item of lesser or no value. And liberalism is the philosophy of sacrifice.

When liberalism is taken to its logical conclusion, there shall be no human beings left on this planet. Liberalism is based on the idea that men ARE equal, not that they are CREATED equal. As long as TWO men remain alive, one shall be more attractive than the other, one shall be smarter than the other, and one shall possess greater morals than the other, so that superior person must die. This is sacrifice taken to its ultimate destination.

This is the philosophy of death and that is what must be attacked and driven underground until it is dead, dead, dead. As I see it, that is the ultimate mission of Top Conservatives on Twitter.

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