Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yawn, Here's the News and an Opinion or Two

Yesterday, when I read that all of the oil companies are quickly bailing from the country, I wondered how long until the Barrystream Press would start talking about the onrushing CHANGE and HOPE for the economy. It didn't take LONG. The lengths that you have to stretch your brain to think that dumping money into the hole that shall become universal "healthcare" are some of the broadest reaching stretches of the imagination ever conceived. Asinine. Dumbassachusetts PROVES THAT.

And here's some more OIL NEWS.

And that mentality begins our daily foray into Moonbattery.

Currently we are in an economic slump caused by years and years of wasteful spending, over-regulation of legitimate businesses, while propping up businesses that have been unionized into failure, while spending money hand over fist to "combat poverty," while embracing every ridiculous theory on education ever spewed out by activist teachers that deny mathematics and science. AGW ANYONE? Does this sound like the Perfect Storm of stupidity and failure? Damn right it does.

There are an overwhelming number of people that believe that Congress is the most inept body of doofus-morons ever assembled, and their approval rate is hovering still in THE TEENS. Two WHOLE percent of the population thinks that Congress is doing an excellent job. TWO PERCENT.

Andy the Redneck gives us an illustration of what is going on with our illustrious government.

Now, we hear that Rick Warren, the E-V-I-L Christian guy that attacked the Obamessiah in that E-V-I-L Christian debate has been asked to give a PRAYER!!! at the coronation of the Anointed One. Will wonders never cease? I have yet to understand how any person with any morals at all can associate with someone that has demonstrated an absolute lack of any values. Doesn't our religious upbringing tell us NOT to do that? But, what if Rick says something about Jesus? Isn't that a complete violation of that "church versus state" clause of the Moonbat Constitution?

Doesn't the glaring fact that Rick Warren is even allowed in DC at the same time as the Obamessiah taint his MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROADNESS? And what happens to the liberal media when they do not get what they expected for the reams and reams of free publicity they ponied up for the Obamessiah? Do they remove their support for THEIR PET STUPIDITY?

What happens if the Obamessiah seriously thinks that he is above the law and that the bureaucrats should BEND THE RULES FOR HIS TEAM? Seriously, he is not even in office yet, and he forces the government to change standing rules for his transition team. What do you think shall happen when he is actually driving the train?

Finally, here's a little article that is beyond description. A person that attacks the President of the United States of America was BEATEN? At the scene? Do you possibly think that when seven two hundred pound men jump on your ass to keep you from assassinating the President that you might be a little bruised up? Could there possibly be any explanation at all for some broken ribs or an injured arm WHEN YOU JUST ATTACKED THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? A little help here understanding that.

TODAY IN HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY, before we slide into the abyss of wasteful spending.

And just in case you are wondering how the poor in this country are doing, this is what passes as government subsidized housing these days. These photos are of the "low income" housing paid for by your tax dollars in the form of Hurricane Katrina money. Average rent, one hundred thirty dollars a month, average cost, one hundred twenty dollars PER FOOT for apartments. Poor? Covered parking with a waterfall at the swimming pool, and a beach volleyball court? Washer, dryer, and microwave. Poor.

And since I kicked you in the nuts with this post, I shall leave you with FLOWERS.

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Anonymous said...

The whole purpose of politics is to reward those groups who will vote for you. So robbing Peter to pay Paul will continue forever. The main problem with Democrats over Republicans is that Dems have to pay off over a hundred million people, where the Republicans just pay off a few million (albeit more richly). Eventually the god of the copybook headings will return.

Anonymous said...

it won't be long before people will not want to live there.

Paul Mitchell said...

Don't be too sure about, Anon, I know people that have lived in government subsidized housing for over thirty years. Really.

paul mitchell said...

Don't be too sure about, Anon, I know people that have lived in government subsidized housing for over thirty years. Really.