Thursday, January 29, 2009

Active Participation in your Government is Required

Well, the Welfare for Welfare Bill passed the House yesterday with all Republicans (with one "not voting") voting against this economy killer. The Republicans are obviously of a mindset that they accomplish more when in the minority and I certainly see that truth. Folks, our government has been broken for a long, damn time and this bill shall have no lasting effect on the submissiveness on the population. This is just another in the very long list of government power grabs.

Malkin has more.

Do you want an example? The Department of Energy. The DOE was FORMED in 1977. This agency is only thirty-one years old and already has 16,000 fed employees, but over 100,000 contract employees. The sole purpose of this government agency? To reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil. How is that working out? Well if you look at the fact that we now import 65% of our oil, and at the time, we only imported 15% of our oil, you would have to say that it has been a total failure. SHUT IT DOWN. Do not privatize it, SHUT IT DOWN.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone would want to take a government agency that has failed in its mission and PRIVATIZE it. That will lead to government subsidy of a supposedly private enterprise and open the flood gates to even more big government. If an agency is a failure, SHUT IT DOWN. Do understand I am well aware that this shall never happen. We have allowed our government to take over everything. In the Welfare for Welfare Bill, there is actually a twenty-five million dollar appropriation to start a NEW agency to oversee the overseers on the welfare money. ARE YOU FRIGGIN' KIDDING ME? The government freely admits that they cannot do their jobs of overseeing tax money, so we should let them create ANOTHER government agency to oversee the people that are supposed to oversee the money? REALLY?

Justin Higgins takes on the Post Office. He says privatize.

There has to be a tipping point to this madness when the situation arises that the government becomes such a top-heavy, bloated do nothing organization and the people revolt. THAT TIME IS NOW. Do your damn part to save your kid's money. Pick up the phone, call your Congressmen and scream at them for being so damn stupid. DO IT NOW.

On the news front, we have the SMARTEST President we have ever had, have a problem determining what is a window, and what is a door
. Folks, Barry Obama is a moron. No two ways about it. Further documentation of said stupidity. Wonder if this dumbass has any clue what in the Hell he is doing?

Well, obviously he does know what he is doing. One hundred dollars a pound for steaks. Barry's just looking out for the little guys, you know.

Remember when the post-racial president said, "There ain't gonna be no damn white-man lobbyists in my posse?" Well, he kinda lied about that. Seems, what he meant to say was, "There are ONLY going to be lobbyists in my administration."

Do you live in California? Sorry. Did you overpay your state taxes in 2008? Sorry. Your refund shall be an I.O.U. SUCKERS!

We interrupt this seriousness to bring you comments on the Obamessiah, courtesy of Chris Matthews Leg.

Michelle Obama is a gay man that looks like an old lesbian? Or is that a bust of Pat Summit?

Obama retakes (and retakes, and retakes) the Oath of Office. Dumb as a barrel of hair. Bookmark that site folks, Sid Bridge, the editor of that site, e-mailed me yesterday and asked for some help building his traffic. I agreed.

Back to the Welfare for Welfare stuff. It seems that the First Amendment is not that important to newspapers when they want to stay in business. The Philadelphia Inquirer begs for government alms. Do not nationalize the friggin' newspapers, please do not do this.

As y'all well know, the philosophy behind the action draws my interest behind most circumstances. MUD contemplates the rightness and wrongness behind the Welfare for Welfare legislation. It's like your grandfather giving you life lessons. (But, a really young grandfather...which in itself is kinda weird.)

Urban Redneck decides it's time for a parenting test. I really don't think that he is advocating another government agency, though.

Good common sense from Gribbit. He points out the important stuff and asks the obvious questions. Is there any chance at all that anyone is listening?

Does anyone else find it odd that the second Barry Obama becomes president, all of the secret Muslims in our intelligence services decide they can now practice their religion and start raping women? You know, since the Quran says that women are nothing but penis pin cushions anyway.

In case you are the last remaining human alive that has not heard of Twitter, here's a new business model that focuses service in the 140 character limit. Dudes, this shit is taking off for certain people.

Also, Hulu used social media to deliver an apology to their users for a simple mistake. They admitted their mistake, got the message out as quickly as possible and offered a temporary solution. You must admit, they did the right thing, there is no way that anyone of these folks that handled this crisis voted for Barry.

BRING ON DA CRAZY!! What in the Hell is that language they're speaking?

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