Friday, January 30, 2009

The End of Week Two - The Obamoron Failures Linkdump (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE: I am beginning to think that there is some way that people are reading my posts before they are actually finished. Approximately eight seconds after this was published, I received an e-mail that stated in a roundabout way that for me to keep calling Barry "stupid," was damaging my credibility. Aside from the fact that I do not look for anyone other than me to make my statements "credible," that mentality discounts the fact that there are only TWO reasons that Barry does and believes what he does. A.) He is a simpering dumbass. B.) He is an evil person that wishes nothing but harm on our country. Since I thoroughly believe in our legal system, if Barry WAS an evil person, I would assume that to get to be as old as he is (despite all the media telling us he's young) he would either be in prison, or dead from screwing someone over that he would have to deal with if he were evil. Pick one choice or the other, there are no other options.

I have never glimpsed one iota of evidence that our new president possesses even a small amount of intelligence. He is a Socialist, y'all.

The original post:

It becomes increasingly apparent that we are at the sand line of our country's future. I know that most of y'all think that I am screeching about things that will not matter four years from now when Barry Obama is defeated soundly in his reelection bid because he has turned the economy downward in such a way that eclipses even Jimmah Carter's stupidity. But, there is a chance that the damage caused by the corruption of this administration will not be undone in our lifetimes.

Yes, it is that grave. We have no national media that is even attempting to perform the watchdogs duties that are their immediate charge. We must continue to wake up every morning and fight the nationalization of all the failing businesses to allow our kids and their kids the same opportunities that we had. We are not that far removed from the concepts of individual freedoms to return to that point. If we fight this power grab by people that HATE our country. It is your choice, do we offer our kids the same freedoms that we had growing up, or do we allow them to return to the same philosophy that allowed the Democrats to enslave and oppress whole races of people?

Remember, we are just TWO WEEKS removed from the marginally successful presidency of George W. Bush. No matter what you think about Bush, his was a good tenure in office. Yes, he allowed the Democrats to run roughshod over the Constitution and he increased spending to the stupid point, but he was a very successful war time president. Even though we have half the country that wants to bow down to the Obamessiah and belly up to our wallets to take stuff that they did not earn, there are still some folks that are not deadbeat LOSERS. Respect still exists in this country, for some.

In an article from Big Hollywood, this line jumps out at me....
When I don’t have to work at something, I always start to wonder if there’s something wrong.

That is the mentality that I have. Good, important things are never easy to do. It is always easier to sit around, growing moss, and let others perform the tasks that I need to do in order to take care of myself. But, there is no such thing as a free lunch. We have free lunchers running the country now, placed in office by free lunchers. It is a sign of the times.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was turned out of office yesterday in a unanimous vote from the Illinois State House. If you think that there is any reason he was removed other than to protect Barry Obama, YOU ARE INSANE. Hot Rod's ties to Barry include fur-lined handcuffs, a horsetail anal plug, and a spidergag, folks. HE IS BARRY.

And in case you get your news from the typical media outlets, you probably don't know that there are oo-koodles of Democrats going to prison right now. They have always been indicted at a rate around six times that of Republicans, but the high profile of all of the recent arrests has been kinda overlooked by the Times and the Three Letters. Here's a roundup of Democorruption. And it doesn't even list the huge sting in Mississippi that went down early last year when all of the Democrat Party bigwigs were arrested. By the way, most of them were Biden supporters.

Here's another story that you will not read much about except for the supposed racism. Judge uses racial epithets, wonder what color judge is? Wonder which political party judge generally marks on her ballot?

Since you probably didn't hear from the Barrystream Media about Slow Barry trying to enter the White House through a window, here's a comparison of media coverage between Bush's attempt to open a locked door v. Barry trying to get inside through a window. Yes, Barry is obviously the smartest president that we have ever had. (I think that I just peed my pants laughing at that. In case you did not know this, the new president is borderline retarded. Roderick called it "Idiocracy II.")

To let you know exactly how far removed from reality the new President Moron is, all you have to do is check his thermostat. President Obama keeps the temperature so hot in the Oval Office, that his staff wears floral jams and wife beaters daily. Also, in an attempt to bribe Republicans to accept Socialism, President Corruption invited them to a steak dinner to wine and dine them. Hopefully it failed and we shall have at least one side of the political aisle that really doesn't want to work the cotton. Barry has jumped the shark. Wonder if all the climate doomsayers will step up and SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT? (Remember, this is a HUMOR BLOG.)

Stupid, idiotic crap like the above insanities is probably the reason that Predident Stupid's approval rating has PLUMMETED fifteen points since he was sworn in. The first time.

Iowahawk attempts to help the new ignoramus out with some sloganeering to motivate the Meat Jello. Yes, Barry really does have an "Egg of Power." Back in the day, we called stupid shit like that egg thingy, "Stupid shit." What do you expect from a mental midget?

Before you get all upset about me telling the truth about Barry's limited intelligence and call my posts "HATE!" this shall give you an idea of what exactly constitutes hate. Wear a cup, they are cussing out Michelle Malkin. As usual.

More newspaper awesomeness! The Los Angeles Times has increased the price for their paper and reduced content. This business model is the standard for newspapers in the last twenty years. Look for the bailouts to continue.

Now, the Welfare for Welfare Bill talking.

Grandma Grandpa oh Hell, an Amibiguous older person lurves him/her/undecided some Barry Obama! (Any idea to what sex this person ascribes? Really, I cannot tell. "We're going to see GrandPAT!")

First up, ECONOMISTS purchase advertising in newspapers to let the country know that this Welfare for Welfare Bill is A BAD IDEA. It is telling when someone that makes a living studying economics has to BUY advertising space to inform the public on the actual truth of legislation. TELLING.

Gateway Pundit points out EXACTLY why I call it the WfW Bill. I read four hundred pages deep in the bill before I finally happened upon something that might not DECREASE employment.

Since the welfare housing thing contributed mightily to the economic meltdown, why not give some MORE government money to it? Uh, uh, I just can't even make these two things get in the same universe, here....

Do you think that the Northeast Republicans will stab us in the back again? It is HIGHLY possible. Protect those jobs! Well, your Senate job and those of your staffers, anyway.

What exactly is this "Welfare for Welfare Bill?" Why it is simply a move from the Democrats to enact ALL of their pet projects in the guise of economic EMERGENCY recovery.

How is it possible that we have gotten to the point of enacting legislation that will KILL the economy? It is simply an exercise in DUMBING DOWN OUR POPULACE.

Here's a Rachel Lucas rant about the current state of affairs. Money shot:
I don’t think I have ever been so bored with the national news in my entire life. Everywhere I go, all I see are headlines about Rush Freakin’ Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi’s STD money. Which is not as hot as it sounds.

!!!!! By the way, "Negro" is the accepted 1960s terminology for the black race. It was used after "colored" and before "black" and the ridiculous "African American." Since this baker is obviously a FARNER, you really cannot say that his usage of the word is racist. Remember, FARNERS are fucking stupid.

If you like your politicians with a smoking degree of HOTNESS, go give some money to the smart chick from the Tundra. She's normal and could usher in a new wave of MORE smart people. (Nevermind the fact that she is my age and has held up almost as well as I have. Yes, I am more smoking hot than her. We just cannot debate that I am smoking hot. If you disagree, you are wrong.)

One last thing, I have started microblogging at Twittah and have somewhat decreased my daily output here. This is not a trend, but a necessity of the swampiness of work right now. If you have not tried Twittah, I think that you might like getting the links to BREAKING news and stuffy stuff on it. New Twittah tools are coming out daily for Firefox and the service has increased usage by 800% in the last year. Give it try for a couple of days and you will see that getting in touch with your friends and checking the news is made much simpler by the service. (Just so you know, the thing is actually called "Twitter," but since I am a redneck, cracker honky from the South, it is typed just as it is pronounced. It's called "Artistic Voice." Just saying.)


And I don't know about you, but this Religion where you have to breed with goats underground, kinda creeps me the Hell out. Is there ANY logical explanation for the existence of this photo? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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