Thursday, January 01, 2009

Architects Say Stupid Things

Bean sent me a link that angers me no end and hammers home the ridiculousness of those that reign over my chosen profession.

The main body of architects in this country is an anti-intellectual collective of doofi called the "American Institute of Architects." This is a dinner club of guys that like to listen to themselves talk and design increasingly bad buildings. The incoming President of AIA, Marvin J. Malecha, has this to SAY about architecture schools:
One of the things about the academy is that we are consensus driven. The people who come to these schools have diverse intellectual traditions and diverse cultural backgrounds. We have been struggling in the university for my entire time as a dean with questions like, “How do we nurture them? How do we encourage them to become design professionals?” And if you look at the younger membership in the AIA, if you look at its composition, it looks like a whole different organization than the traditional membership. On that one subject, I am probably better prepared as an academic than any practitioner because I've had to operate in a more consensus-driven, more inclusive process.

Lemme translate into English.

"We, as a profession, desire to reduce every single human being into one big writhing mass of FAIL. No one should actually possess a voice in our industry that does not conform with the ideas produced by the collective. If you look at the most recent people to join our profession, you see that it is working admirably! We shall endeavor to crush physically any person that refuses to reduce the quality of their work to the lowest possible denominator. Toby, bring your master the whip."

Sorry, El Presidente', ain't gonna happen. But, at least he is blatantly honest.

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