Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mean Ol' Meany - 2008 in Review

Sheer statistics for 2008. 714 posts. Buncha damn words. One common theme.

2009 promises to be the best year of my life, just as every previous year has been.

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Go back to the format of less profanity that I had until October 2007 when I ditched the Google ads.

2. Pay ZERO again in federal income taxes so I do not promote the evilness of killing babies and destroying excellence, all while still earning more than the lowest achieving ninety percent of this country.

3. Receive yet again, an Earned Income Tax check to offset the fact that I paid ZERO in federal income taxes. The deadbeats in the Democrat Party still owe me over seven hundred thirty thousand dollars, plus the two hundred ninety-four thousand in FICA. At this rate, it shall only take me 466 years to get my money back, but I am determined to live that long anyway.

4. To continue to prove, beyond any doubt, that Democrats are evil, stupid, bigoted morons that want only to return to slavery and drag everyone into it with them. They do this because they are the epitome of sandpoundingly stupid and feckless idiots that have no clue why they should be allowed to live because they are so evil. (They shouldn't.)

5. Assist in any way possible, the eradication of Islam from this planet, as well as any other murderers, criminals, and Democrats that continually promote evil and death in everything that they do.

6. Never post pictures of nekkid men on this blog, insuring that Muslims and Democrats avoid this site like the plague in their endeavor to do nothing but sit on their butts and look at nekkid men all day long.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

i think i speak for many others when i say thank you for avoiding the nekkid men.

as for the rest, ditto and kudos.

although i will listen to you when you break number 1. (heh)

Paul Mitchell said...

The cussing part really just jumps out when we get to talking about Muslims, true. But, I kinda let myself go in the last year. There is just no need for that craziness, what happens if my priest sees it?

Wait, he reads almost every day and tacks that crap on anyway to the penance. Even without my admitting it.