Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Architects That Should Not Be Killed

I know you expect me to bitch, moan, and complain about every person in my chosen profession, and usually I do that with glee. But, in my Alert from tonight I saw something I liked, dug a little deeper, and I gotta say, "These guys/girls DO NOT SUCK!" Know that they are not in the United States, they are in New Zealand, though.

Now, in an attempt to salvage what little bit of credibility that I have damaged already in this post, I have never worked with Herriot + Melhuish and I do not know any contractors that have either, so they might be terrible and these buildings just look damn good by complete accident, but I wouldn't think so.

Another thing that I have to say about them is that their website doesn't suck either! This is beyond comprehension in the architecture website genre. Usually, you can't find a damn thing on an architect's site and the menu choices, IF you can even figure out where the damn menu is, are "Ethereal Doramoteight" (<--sp?) and "Supinely Throgentenced." (<--sp, again?)

Side Rant: Architects can't even say "window," they have to say crap like "fenestration" because they want to make you think that YOU are stupid when you have no damn clue what in Hell they are saying. Back to the show....

HMA chose commercial, residential, fit out ("build out" in the states), hospitality and tourism, and work in progress as their menu choices, plus there are pulldowns at the top. Not only is the menu clearly defined, but so are the subsequent pages and they are attractive as well. AMAZING! The ONLY drawback that I see on their front page is that their contact information is not there, but oddly enough, the menu to reach them is labeled "Contact Us," where on the typical architect's website it would read, "Mind Melding" or some other such nonsense.

HMA actually appears to be organized, have attractive buildings, and the interiors look well planned, too! By the way, HERE'S THE HOUSE that peaked my interest. The interiors are smoking sexy!

Please take the time to comment.

(I even made a new label for these guys/gals sans smarm.)


ChristinaJade said...

wow. as a non-architect, i gotta say, i love their stuff. open and airy, but warm and cozy at the same time. sleek without being cold. and lots of glass for the claustrophobic redhead. ahhh

and you did label that one with a "good architect" didn't 'cha? :)

i am incredibly fond of the raumati beach house, by the way, if anyone wants to arrange for that to be built for me, just let me know.

Paul Mitchell said...

From a personal standpoint, I do like the colder looking stuff, but this is a beach house, so the softer, warmer stuff makes sense.

And there is certainly enough disclaimer in my post to allow me the weasel room on the "Good Architects" label, but I really don't think I need the wiggling. Good stuff.