Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As the Market CLIMBS - A Linkdump

Okay, we must seriously begin to understand that those involved in the financial market are suicidal. There is no logical explanation why in the mortal Hell the stock market should be going UP with the huge financial boondoggle winding its way through Stupidityville at the Capitol. This bloated bill shall do everything to ruin our economy, but those guys in the Wall Street labcoats are still moving along like a bunch of Democrats at a Robert Byrd bridge dedication. Folks, if you have money in the market, GET IT OUT NOW!!! Yes, I know a take will hurt the economy badly, but the quicker we can get through this, the quicker we can all start making money again.

Yes, folks, I know that Barry is going to be the Worst. President. Evah.™, but assassination talk talk is just NOT HELPFUL. First, you have to understand that there is a Order of Presidential Succession that is to be followed upon the death of our president. Joe Biden is second, Nancy Pelosi is third, Robert Byrd is fourth, Hillary Clinton is fifth, well, you get the picture. And it continues to get worse as you drop down the list. If you want the bare bones truth, Barry is the SMARTEST guy in the entire lineup until you get down to about 189,000,000th in the order. By the way, that would be me, but don't get any crazy ideas, okay? The carnage would make me unable to continue to wear Crocs daily.

Let's check in on Directive 10-289, shall we? Here's some quick hits on stuff other folks found.

Seventy-Five Million for smoking cessation. Obama shoots self in filter. Not really sure how this helps the FREE! healthcare provided by cigarette taxes, though. Could this be a contradiction?

Just curious about this Stimulation of the Economy's Junk Bill is so damn important, but most money is not going to be spent this YEAR? HURRY UP AND WAIT!!! Eeeek!!!! Emergency!!! DANGER!!!! SMOKE A BLUNT!!!

FOUR HUNDRED MILLION for Chlamydia testing? FORTY FIVE MILLION for ATV trails? Puh-lease, WHAT THE HELL? Seriously, what in the mortal HELL?

I touched on this yesterday or the day before. HOW IN THE HELL does the Fed having my medical records help the economy? Why, if this bill is so damn important to jump start the money train again, does Barry have to have access to my surgical record to make us some money? He doesn't, this is a power grab plain and simple to FORCE us to submit to the government. They want to SPY ON YOU!

And why, if the Stimulatification Stuff is so goll darn important, is some MORON introducing legislation to FORCE camera phone manufacturers to make their product CLICK when a picture is taken? Seriously? Folks, get your pitchforks and shovels and meet me at the Capitol. These morons have decided to attack us, let's fight fire with ass whuppings. Are they FUCKING kidding?

We all knew that Barry was a purse carrying pansy, but when y'all voted for President Douchesicle, did you know that he was going to place our national security in utter jeopardy? You did? Did you know that he was going to immediately SURRENDER to Russia?

I found this hilarious. Our good buddy MUD marginalizes Maya Angelou. The funniest thing is that Maya's words are a friggin POEM! What a moron.

Here's a 4000 square inch fanny pack full of widgets for your blog. I like stuff like this, but I always get bitched at because they slow the pageload down to almost FIVE FRIGGIN' SECONDS! "Two Dogs, I love reading your blog, but it takes almost as long to load as it takes me to blink! I want my mediocrity instantaneously, doofus. SERVICE!"

Bizarre Obama's Twitter Feed. A snippet: Shanté, The White House Psychic said I would be visited by the ghost of Nixon's dog, Checkers tonight. I put a Snausage under my pillow.

If by chance, you already have everything in the world, this site is exactly where you should spend your remaining lifetime. Included, one full 3-D Barry Obama vector head. Oddly enough, Barry's WHITE HALF is more prominent.

Harry Potter handicaps the Super Bowl. Thank goodness he/she got rid of those dorky glasses.

I thought that I would give y'all one architecture link that demonstrably showed how insane architects are. "Oh Topher, screw the buildings, we are here to change the WORLD!" They have officially become journalism professors. Thank goodness this is happening in a Third World Country, Canada, instead if the United States. (Just kidding, Canada has yet to grow to become a TWC, yet.)

Well, get on with your day, and kick a Democrat in the teeth today! They want you DEAD.

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