Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talking Back to Morons - Part CIX

Since I read the worst newspaper in the world every day with pleasure, I get the opportunity to read really stupid commentary on a daily basis. The Clarion Ledger has successfully rid itself of that pesky "news" that was just cluttering up their propaganda. Thank goodness we have done away with that crap.

Anyhoo, today's dog trainer had a column by the simpering dunderhead Cynthia Tucker and I thought that it deserved a little talking to.

In Tucker's moonbat screed of today, entitled "U.S. moves ahead only if science does," she first attacks Dale and Leilani Neumann, the couple that lost their daughter to untreated diabetes. While I do not agree with their decision to refuse to treat the illness because of their religious views, they are GUARANTEED the right to believe as they determine. That is kinda part of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Just saying.

Cynthia Tucker believes that the Neumanns should be tried for committing a crime. That is because Cynthia Tucker is a far left, Barry-worshiping Democrat that thinks the federal government should rule you with an iron fist. In other words, Tucker still has her slave mentality and wants to go back to the era of Democrat rule before the 1860s.

And she blames George Bush for the whole thing. Tucker actually believes the asinine concept of AGW. In other words, Tucker is braindead. Read the rest of her stupidity, HERE. The fact that Cynthia Tucker has a job other than controlling the caulk gun that dispenses sour cream at Taco Bell, friggin' scares me.

Also, late last week, another one of the morons that publishes in the Clarion Ledger, Leonard Pitts, wrote an asinine blathering about hating Rush Limbaugh. Again, again, again, I say, I rarely listen to Rush because despite the fact that he is funny, I cannot stand the number of commercials that run during his program. If I wanted to listen to forty-five minutes of Life Lock and Sleep Number Bed commercials, I would just download those commercials and burn me a damn disc.

Leonard is all pissed off because Rush said that he hoped Barry failed as president. And Leonard's article trashes Rush and goes all over the sanity highway before slamming into the guardrail built to catch the stupid people. What Leonard fails to understand is that there are MILLIONS of us that hope Barry fails, too. Barry Obama hates the philosophy upon which this country was founded. Barry Obama is a Marxist and anyone that accepts his philosophy is my ENEMY.

Anyhoo, the whole point of this post from me is that if we continue to read articles published by the likes of Tucker and Pitts, we can only expect to get dumber by osmosis. If we as individualists do not start standing up and taking our money away from these people that hate our country and all it stands for, we have no one but ourselves to blame for their popularity and the ultimate failure of our beloved country. It shall again be our fault because those on the left are too stupid to know what the Hell they are doing.

Just so you know, I canceled my subscription to the Clarion Ledger today. Do as I have done and take a stand against our enemies.

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Steve B said...

I'd cancel if I could. Read the other day that the Seatlle Post-Intelligencer (what an eff'd up name) was going bankrupt. It's long been the liberal stalwart of the tree-hugger state, but can't make enough money spooning out their drool to make ends meet.


Paul Mitchell said...

So far, there are thirty large papers that are literally bankrupt. One is The New York Times. They are dead, they just won't admit it.