Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes I Question My Competence (not really)

Alright, back from the computer store with my wallet somewhat lighter, but I was able to get my actual portable drive placed in a new, more awesomatic cabinet for the wee charge of SIX BILLION DOLLARS! Thank goodness I brought my Citi Card.

This new cabinet is sleek, black aluminum that is about half the size of the old cabinet and has much sturdier cable, too. My new portable drive cabinet is tres sexy.

The post from earlier this morning was somewhat light due to the fact that I wanted that "Obama is a traitor and should be tried for treason" post to stand alone for posterity. I called it first on January 27, 2009; Barry shall be the very first US president ever tried for treason.

Let's delve a little more into this most corrupt government GANG, shall we?

Here's the complete Communist Manifesto Bill meandering its way through the Democrat Congress right now. Also, on this page you shall find breaking news regarding the Democrat Party's attempts to nationalize every business with this bill. Bookmark the page, the battle may take years to undo when the adults regain the helm.

I have been studying the bill somewhat intently for the last four days and I have yet to find ONE SINGLE BENEFIT of passing it. Zero. There are plenty of other folks that are doing the same thing that I am and most of those folks find the very same thing. Gateway Pundit has video of some stunning findings.

Here is a list of John Boehner's statements concerning the bill. Folks, this bill is not only a huge power grab by the Fed, but it is directing money in the most stupid areas of government imaginable.

Also in the news this morning, is another story on already the MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION that the world has ever known
. The Obamessiah had campaigned on forcing this administration to be transparent, but so far the only transparency that I have seen is that they are honor bound to be transparent in their total corruption. I expect that the Department of Justice is already investigating themselves if they possess one iota of integrity. Please, I was only kidding, we know they are scumbags that shall cover up all of the illegal activity going on already in Barry's new government.

If you take offense in my statements concerning the new presidential administration, I am sorry, you are a moron. Democrats up until 2007 were indicted at a rate six times the number of Republicans. In the last two years, Democrats have doubled down on their corruption. Here's four more mayors that are BUSTED. If anyone tells you there is rampant corruption in the Republican Party without the disclaimer that Republicans are eight times more honest than Democrats, have that person committed, they are insane.

So far, the only positive thing that is coming out of Barry's corrupt administration is that Jimmy Carter will no longer be the biggest douchebag we have ever had as president.

And this just in...Little Willie asks, "What three sides do you want on that cheeseburger plate, Two?"

Me: "Sausage."

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