Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dammit, I Kicked Over the Damn Portable Drive Linkdump

Well, this morning is turning out to be friggin' awesome. Bean and I switched portable drives back in November because she doesn't need as much storage as I do. Howevah....my old portable drive was metal and had a Firewire connection. Hers'es was a chunk of plastic with one of those little USB things like on the Motorazr. I knocked the drive off of my bed my huge Teak office desk and it landed directly on that little plug shoving it into the housing. Now, I have to go to the computer place to see if they can fix it. I currently have about 100 gigs of data on that drive. Cross your fingers.

Last night I started digging on the Obamoron's Executive Order to close "Guantanamo." I have yet to hear, see, or read a single media outlet that is properly reporting this stupid decision, so I thought that I should take it upon myself to do just that.

The EO does NOT close Guantanamo. It only closes the detention centers there. Granted, that is stupid too, but we all already knew that this new guy was a friggin' moron and a devout America hater. HERE's the full text of the EO.

Understand that the new Head Moron in Charge of our country has just granted, by Executive Order, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to everyone on the planet. This completely opens the door to any single human on the planet SUING the United States for any reason. Debate that all you want, but if Barry grants Constitutional Rights to people that are duty sworn to destroy our country, how in the mortal Hell do you think that Pierre Lafant in France cannot sue the United States because we talked bad about France? Because of this stupid, idiotic, moronic, suicidal thing that Barry Obama scribbled his moronic name on, anyone can sue the United States for any reason because every human on the planet has now become a citizen of the United States.

Ladies and Gentlemen, y'all have elected a MORON as president. A MORON that is one week into his administration and has completely removed our country's sovereignty from the record. HE IS A TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY. THIS IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE CERTAINLY. AND HE MAY BE SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR IT IF FOUND GUILTY.

That is this man's opinion, but I shall stick to it.

One more thing, the Barry White House is having some e-mail issues. They do not know how to operate PCs, they have only worked on MacApple. They cannot figure out how to use e-mail and they cannot figure out how to use the telephone in the White House either. Folks, this is NOT encouraging. Having the basic knowledge on how to use a phone or a PC is kinda important for someone that has a friggin' job at the auto parts warehouse. Since Barry is quite possibly the SMARTEST president that we have ever had according the idiots in the national media, what standard could they possibly use to determine intelligence?

They do not know how to use a PC or the telephone. Chew on that for a minute.

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Childers Corner said...

I hope you can get the drive thing fixed! Obama scares me more every day. I did not vote for him, but my grandmother thinks he's the messiah, but she also thinks cats are evil so go figure.

Paul Mitchell said...

Your grandmother is probably suffering from that OldTimer's if she loves Obama and hates cats. Those that love Obama are honor bound to love cats.

Got the drive fixed, thanks!

Steve B said...

Okay, yeah, Ize a stoopid ignerant for saying "Gitmo" instead of the Cuban Hilton. Sorry, I mean Club Jihad.

Always glad to spawn a post for you.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, wasn't you man. The Barrystream Media keeps saying the the base is going to close. We all hope and pray that is not the case, so I read the EO. It is ALL of the detention center stuff that just opened in 2002 on a no-bid from Haliburton. Millions of dollars THROWN DOWN THE TOILET.