Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Deconstructing the Democrat Tribal Militia (Awesome UPDATE!)

The awesome update is at the bottom, please do not cheat and skip down before reading the post.

There is also a Republican Tribal Militia as well, but so far, their militia has yet to infringe on personal, individual rights, despite their repeated attempts. Let's hit them really quick and move on.

Republicans have accepted the opinion that no longer are individual rights important. We MUST stay organized and fight against the Democrat culture of corruption. Blank out the fact that is the reason all of the intelligent people flocked to the Republican Party, let's actually try to MAKES US SOMES LAWS,BOYS! To Hell with our founding principles of individual rights and freedom FROM other men. Republicans? Sufficiently marginalized, FOR NOW.

As far as the Libertarian Party is concerned, the main thing that you hear from them is to legalize the tree. Shut up, please. You let a bunch of dumbasses in your party, now you cannot get rid of them. They are stoned, man. And they are the face of your party. The last thing that our country needs is a bunch of smoked out morons actually in control of our government. But y'all do have some good ideas, well, other than the worship of the hippie lettuce.

Now, the simpering idiots. The entire makeup of the Democrat Party (from this point simply referred to as the morons) is a bunch of aggrieved, little, whining douchesicles that are forever entrenched in the Victim Camp. I. AM. SICK. OF. IT.

The basic gist of victimhood is the overwhelming desire to hide in your accepted tribes for protection. You simply must submit your will and your individuality to the homogeneous glob of humanity that shall, from this point forward, determine your destiny based on nothing but the survival of the group. A group needs a leader, too, and this person shall never be you. You must cease to be a man to be a moron or a member of a victimized tribe.

I am not going to attack every single group within the morons, it would take the rest of my entire life to break those apart, so I shall focus on one individual portion and hope that your ability to understand abstraction will fill in the blanks for the rest of the tribes.

Queer folk. Possibly the most militant, obnoxious group of morons that have ever held a Crisco party. Also, please understand that I work in the field of architecture, so daily I come into contact with those in the protected victim group of queers, much more so than the group known as "not-queers."

Fags, please acknowledge that the only thing that separates you from the people that are not fags is the distinction, or lack thereof, of your chosen penis pin cushion. (even though lesbians do not have penii, you can abstract the concept, hopefully) What the basic concept behind the militant association of fags with other fags is to achieve what they assume are equal rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your lack of intelligence is stunning and dangerous to the existence of man.

Gay marriage legality is something that has cropped up continually in our country. The Middle East, where another protected subset of morons exist, the Muslims, does not recognize your queer right to even LIVE. One group united to kill another group is called tribalism, folks. It is the very basic reality of the altruistic ideal and the final result of all that you seek. The philosophy denies the fundamental right of an individual to do as he pleases or even the basic right to survival.

Let's dispel with the basic lack of philosophy behind this idiotic ideology, please. The fact that hetero couples even need the sanction of the US government to associate with their chosen partner is friggin' asinine. A marriage is between two people, NOT two people and the entire population of the United States of America. The idea that hetero couples have not risen up against the federal government in protest to their actually having to have this sanction is INSANE.

Since in my world, the sane, intelligent one, G_d created Adam and Quinterraniqua, and gave them one to another to enjoy the fantasy realm of all kinds of physical pleasures, including, but not limited to, Crisco Parties, there did not even exist a government. I am guessing that government sanction to plight your troth to whomever you choose is unneeded. You wanna marry Kevyn? Friggin' marry Kevyn, dumbass. You do not need the sanction of a government to do that. Understand that to its very root and core, morons.

Now, not only do fag couples want this supposed "right," they want to force the acceptance of their chosen lifestyle on people that do not agree with their sexual desires. Dude, or Dudette as the case may be, I could not care any less whether you purchased a bottle-nosed dolphin, built a 100,000 gallon sea tank on your property and invited midgets with elephantiasis over to your Neverland Ranch to have sex with you and your dolphin. However, when you and your minions jump my fence, made of lasers, and topped with broken bottles, then try to sex up my friggin' dolphin, then I got a MASSIVE problem. And I solve that problem by responding to your violence of intruding upon my personal possessions in the only way that you shall understand. I shall completely repel your attempts to steal my juicy hot dolphin pleasure by whupping your mortal ass. That is my dolphin pleasure that I purchased with the fruits of my labor.

What those morons, that so desperately want queer marriage, fail to understand is that their philosophy is in ultimate contradiction to their ability and right to do as they please. Once you open the door to forced servitude from the government, you are friggin' ruining life for everyone, hence the marriage tax penalty. Government people are one of the three dumbest subsets of humans. And we never get those individual rights back EVER. Government can only exist in the righteous form of protecting an individual from another individual, yet they have jumped that shark so far that it boggles the mind.

While I am certainly positive that there is no chance for me to EVER convince you to understand the evil that lies in the organization of special interest against other special interest because you are a moron, I do desire to show you that your actions contradict your desired end result. Groups of special interest tribes, even if they are in direct contradiction to the desires of other groups, should combine forces to fight the common enemy, the forced surrender of the individual rights of all men.

You simply MUST realize that you, despite your similarities with most of them, are different from everyone else in your victim group. Rather than organize to fight against us that are not morons, you should accept and welcome the only philosophy that promises to deliver that which you seek. You can only receive the importance and recognition OF yourself FROM yourself.

The protection of the rights of individual men is the only thing that shall ever facilitate your freedom. To complete this exercise, simply replace the words referring to same sex humping and replace that with any other moron group of your choosing and the premise remains the same.

AWESOME UPDATE (received a few minutes after posting in an e-mail):
This is the most offensive post that I have read in quite some time. Please get help for your hatred.

This e-mail was received from a government account at a public university in Mississippi that specializes in journalism and our writer is a professor in the journalism school at that public university. This was my response to his government funded e-mail account:

Thank you sir, for proving my point of who is the pinnacle of stupidity. You are a government employee that teaches journalism at a public university. It is not possible to plumb the depths of stupidity further than you do. Congrats on your record-setting lack of intelligence. Your parents should be so damn proud. Don't bite your tongue off today!

Love ya, mean it,
Two Dogs

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