Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Democrat Corruption Continues

The fallout of compiling a bunch of criminals all in one place continues to net more corruption and sleaze. It is a never ending cycle of illegal activity over at Democrat Family Headquarters. Why do the lawdogs just not go round every single Democrat up and toss them in jail? It would certainly save much time, effort, and money.

Anyhoo, today Democrat Party bigwig, Ed Peters resigned from the Mississippi Bar. This is a continuation of the corruption, sleaze, graft, and illegal activity that has surrounded the Democrat Party since its inception.

Y'all Politics continues the heavy lifting.

So far, there remains to be found, a single Democrat that is not elbow deep in crime. Hopefully law enforcement shall start profiling at some point.

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Steve B said...

But wait. I thought Republicans were the mouth breathing knuckledraggers.

Oh wait, that's right. Rethuglicans aren't smart enough to pull off embezzlement schemes,.

'Cept that it's the Dems what keeps getting caught.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Steve, two Republicans got into trouble last year, one for trying to pick up some skank in a bathroom, and the other for texting another adult male. Both NOT ILLEGAL. But, both were drummed out of the Congress. William Jefferson 90k in his freezer and commandeered a helicopter during the floods in NO to get it out.

Comparison? Don't think so.