Sunday, January 11, 2009

Healing America - A "Book" Review

In an act of malicious, unrepentant violence, I was given "Healing America The Life of Senate Majority Leader William H. Frist, M.D." for Christmas.

Advertised as a "biography" but parading as a Harlequin romance novel, this book is sheer, unmitigated GARBAGE. Man, reading this pablum is like picking up the Washington Post and reading a story about Dumbshit Obama!

Avoid this book at all costs! Pick up a Toni Morrison book instead if you would rather read something of substance. Charles Martin was able to take a really smart, good dude and turn him into a something that is covered over in some kinda sticky, syrupy stuff found on the backseat of a 1967 Mustang. I now HATE, HATE, HATE Bill Frist and anyone that can even tolerate him.

Rating: Negative eight grintaplefrillion stars of ONE BRAZILLION stars. Terribleness rivaled only by the record-shattering awfulness of Moby Friggin' Dick.

Every building owned by W Publishing Group should be burned to the ground and all traces of its existence eradicated from this planet.

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Roland Hulme said...

So that's thumbs down, right?

Paul Mitchell said...

And HOW! Terrible book.