Monday, January 12, 2009

Things The Need to be Said - Part A

As usual, the Moonbats are up in arms about something they do not understand, therefore I wield the Cluebat.

If you see anyone protesting anything, screeching about "injustice," you can be relatively sure they are morons. It seems the one common element of all the protesting groups is that the individual members do not possess the capacity for any linear thought. This is why they are balled up in a big roiling mass of protest, they have no ability to organize their thoughts into any semblance of rational solutions. Someone must tell them what to screech about, then immediately the morons swing into action.

Waterboarding of Muslims is a big deal these days. Moonbats continually screech that it is torture and it is wrong. George W. Bush, our very successful president, agrees, sadly. He has succumbed to the screeching of morons. Such is the case with the typical politician these days. Moonbats screech and whine so loudly over something that is trivial, until that trivial policy gets abandoned to the detriment of our country.

And now, Barry Obama shall do the same. Morons that voted en masse for the Lightworker think that Barry Obama will do one thing differently from all the other politicians. He will because he is one of them, screeching and whining about trivial things all the while ignoring the real problems of the day.

What defenders of Muslim terrorists ignore is the fact that those very people that they are defending WANT TO KILL EVERYONE. It's very simple to understand that you do not defend someone that has admitted the desire to kill you if given the chance.

But, but, but, there is the Constitution! Everyone has rights!

Listen up, Rachel Corrie, I understand that you hate life and want all other people to be miserable with you, but I do not hate living and enjoy as much as possible every day that I am alive. I strive to achieve my own happiness and if there exists someone that is duty-bound to destroy me, I shall destroy them first. THAT is justice.

The difference between your ideology and mine is that I believe people when they say they want me dead. You think that they are only kidding even though the very same people hijacked planes and flew them into occupied buildings in the attempt to kill fifty thousand people. Luckily for the most part, Muslims are fucking stupid and they ONLY killed three thousand.

I have been asked in e-mails and in comments, times too numerous to fathom, why it is that I hate everything and am so bitter. I do not and I am not. As an aside I ask, why shouldn't I hate someone that states very plainly that they want to kill me? Oh, the Bible says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? Taken at the simplest face value, what do I do if my neighbor doesn't adhere to those same principles? Can't answer that, huh? Oh, the Bible says, "Turn the other cheek." I only have two. What do I do for third time? Turn my face back to the first cheek slapped? How long should I agree to let someone keep slapping me before I DEFEND myself? One hundred times, one million times?

Please note that I am NOT the aggressor in this hypothetical case, just as the United States of America was not the aggressor in the terrorist attacks on our country. The USA was attacked, folks! What part of that can you not understand?

There comes a time in everyone's life when they simply MUST face reality. All the conventional bromides of every screeching special interest group ceases to be important when their opinions fly in the face of REALITY. The quicker someone embraces the REALITIES of the tangible world in which they live, the quicker they can produce something of value to themselves and offer the fruits of their labor to the living of their life in a moral and just manner.

The minute that someone realizes the threat of their chosen religion, Islam, to the rest of the civilized world, they cease to be able to adhere to the seventh century morality of Islam. When they realize that, then I shall give them the respect that they have EARNED. But, Moonbats are the "Progressive" ones because they "respect" the tenets of the seventh century religion? How do you claim to be progressive?

Let's get to waterboarding. It is justice.

(Hat-Tip: Newsbusters)

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ChristinaJade said...

very, very, very well said.

personal example: my little girl is like many little girls and has little disagreements with other little girls. (you have a boy, totally different world, really.) i am constantly telling her, "if someone does not like you and wants to be mean to you, leave them alone. you don't have to be EVERYONES' friend."

same holds true with the subject at hand. these people hate everything about the American way of life, from our clothes to our music. they hate us enough to want to kill us. so why be nice to people who hate us?

i mean, damn.

Paul Mitchell said...

To people that think beyond what they want on their Cheerios, this seems to be a very easy thing to understand. To those that cannot decide between bananas or blueberries, it is beyond their comprehension.

Denise said...

Sort of makes me miss Harry Truman. At least he had the balls to use the "big guns".