Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel v. Gaza Muslims - Appropriate Responses

To handle this topic in the quickest possible way, I shall be succinct and direct and to the point.

There has been a bunch of mewing about Israel NOT performing some type of congruent response to Gaza Muslim terrorist attacks and I certainly agree with these sentiments. Anyone that doesn't share that opinion is WRONG. The response should MOST DEFINITELY be equal to the attacks by Gaza Muslims.

Defenders of Israel are missing the point entirely by trying to limit the loss of civilian life UNNECESSARILY.

From this point forward, Israel's military should immediately began to fire rockets into Gaza with no apparent specific target. I suggest that Pizza Huts, markets, doctor offices, and schools are CONGRUENT TARGETS to the ones that the Gaza Muslims have targeted. Problem solved by Moonbattery.

Get to it, Israel. Leftists Moonbats should be grateful that Israel is following their advice for once.

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