Monday, January 26, 2009

Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin.

Most people know that this is a direct quote from Jimmy Carter's mother, Lillian Carter. In case you didn't know it, Jimmy Carter is, to date, the worst president this country has ever had. Barry Obama is currently SECOND, but he has only had six days to catch up. Thinking people are pretty sure that Barry Obama shall end up as the Worst. President. Evah.™

Most people that know anything about Jimmy Carter, also know that he friggin' hates Israel and Jews. He is seriously anti-Semitic. He is a Southern Democrat, the Party of the KKK and he's from Georgia, too! But, he's a smiley Hitler. <--NAZI CARD!!!!

Here's his take this morning on Hamas, the Muslim terrorist group that attacks Israel daily. Moron v. Moron.

Why anyone would ever want to listen to Jimmy Carter in regards to anything is beyond my comprehension. I certainly hope that after Barry bankrupts our country and turns the US of A into the whipping boy of the world, no one else wants to talk to his stupid ass, but I am probably going to be disappointed on that.

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(Hat-Tip: Gateway Pundit)


Anonymous said...

Neville Chamberlain was gullible but Carter has him trumped.

Btw, we've got some virulent anti-Semites here in Jacktown TD who subscribe to the same proportionality meme as Carter dishes in the cap you're featuring.

Paul Mitchell said...

I could assume that you are right, JJD. Is Kenny one of them?

Anonymous said...

If you are referring to Stokes I don't know.

There is one white mainline Protestant minister in Fondren, that I won't name, who walks right to the edge of actually denying the holocaust. It wouldn't surprise to learn that he has a signed and framed poster of Carter on a wall in his office. He probably belongs to the Jackson chapter of the Flat Earth society.