Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning in a New Country - The Linkdump

Today is the day that our Congress takes up HR1, the Obama Socialism Conversion Act (O-SCAt). If you do not know what this is, that is shameful. The 111th Congress has produced preliminary language to do to the economy what the federal government has done to our schools. This is a blatant power grab by the anti-freedom crowd. AND IT IS TERRIFYING TO ME. I have sent the full proposal to about thirty people that requested it over the weekend and now I have finally found it online. This is the link to the pdf text at the Rules Site of our Congress. People, be afraid, be very afraid. We have never faced an enemy as determined to rule our lives since the war that initially delivered our individual freedom from other men. Most of you think that I am joking, that our government would never allow that to happen. Read the BILL. Read it, I am NOT KIDDING.

If you are not terrified by the overwhelmingly restrictive, but still ambiguous bill and the language, you do not love freedom. Today is the day that you can ACT to make sure that your kids are not saddled with the debt of BAD GOVERNMENT. This bill is trying to direct ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to NOTHING. It is completely, one hundred percent, the payoff to those morons that elected this government. It is anti-business, anti-prosperity, and anti-freedom. This bill directs the majority of its proposed expenditures to people that DO NOT contribute to revenues, who DO NOT produce anything of value, and who DO NOT want individual freedom. This is the give money to sheeple bill. IT IS A CALL TO ARMS TO FIGHT BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Read it, and then get on the phone to your elected officials and scream loudly that you shall NOT stand for this.

Here's the rest of the Dump.

RACIST MORONS. Barry is the post racial president, too!

Steve B. finds a bit of a contradiction in the Promoting Communism Bill. Economic stimulus from and to NON-PROFITS? WTF?

Gateway Pundit asks about bailout money and why it is going to buy a new French jet for Citigroup. Price tag: Insanity.

Van Helsing asks about bailout money going to giveaway a bunch of condoms and provide abortions. How does staying home and screwing help the economy?

What about sending some of that bailout money (Billions!) to the organization that turned 2008's Presidential Election into a FRAUDFEST? Barry has to buy off the folks that gave him the White House, you know.

Robert Stacy McCain at Right Wing News shows that the "infrastructure bill" delivers a whopping THREE PERCENT of the money to infrastructure. Might as well call it the Fluffy Unicorn Bill.

The Wall Street Journal points out that the Obamoron Government pushes "Renewable Energy" but ONLY if it happens where it is just flat-out stupid and must be government subsidized. Do what I say, do not try to make ME do what I say that you must do. Welcome to Soviet Russia, folks.

Gribbit offers up three "cartoons" depicting the new administration's direction on the War on Islam. Cartoons that are NOT funny by the way, just true.

Doug Ross submits the ever growing list of corruption in the new administration. This post gives you the list of subpoenas issued in the Obama Administration over the weekend. Already, Barry's sets the record for being the most corrupt presidential administration in the history of our country. Less than ONE WEEK in the White House. How does this help worldwide opinion?

Here's a little look back at the team that caused the financial meltdown. And they are all still working for more meltdown, too. Do NOT forget to arrest John McCain when the shit comes down, please.

The Guardian weighs in on the folks responsible for the meltdown. It's a pretty good list, too. No, the guardian is NOT in the United States, why? (Hat-Tip: Protein Wisdom)

Here's another McCainiac story blaming Conservatives and Sarah Palin for Johnny's own loser philosophy. FUCK YOU, JOHN MCCAIN.

One of my favorite blogs, Marginalizing Morons, compares the philosophy of FDR, with the current philosophy surrounding the economy. True, it's just so damn true.

Oddly enough, already in the Era of the Post-Racial Administration, Mrs. Black President admits she hates black people. SHOCKER!

CNN proves that they have a vested interest in lying about how the economy works. Please understand that CNN has NEVER been a news network. They have always been the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Lifted directly from The Fountainhead, my professional peers choose to sup at the loser table. Government bailouts for architects and income based solely on NON-PRODUCTION. See why I hate architects?

Since they worshiped Frank Gehry for so long and that accomplished nothing, let's turn to worshiping Barry Obama and the FAILURE IDEAS for a while. I am so sorry, folks. I hang my head in shame.

Stupid things architects say.

Respect your elders and heed their advice. Usually, they learned their lessons the hard way, by screwing up and learning never to do that again.

Take a twenty dollar bill and go buy a Blackfive t-shirt. I mean it.

Finally, the music portion of the show. This is what all future music videos are destined to become in the Age of the Obamoron. IF YOU DO NOT GET BUSY FIGHTING IT. (Hat-Tip: The Mayor of Mitchieville)

Going to claw my eyes out and my ears off now.

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Steve B said...

Why do people not get that government bailouts = blood money?

There ain't no free lunch. Making people dependent on "stimulus" funds to survive = government ownership of the means of production.

i.e. - Communism/socialism?

Paul Mitchell said...

That would be because people go to government schools, Steve. We let that be taught to them.