Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marginalizing Everyone - The Linkdump

I find that the dumbest people in our country migrate towards the jobs in journalism, teaching, and government. This is not my opinion, it is fact. True enough, you do encounter an intelligent person in these three fields, OCCASIONALLY. Those folks are so rare as to prove my point. Let's pound on the DUMB ones for a minute, okay?

An aside, in the last four days, I have had to dump three of my daily reads from Google Reader. These sites were supposed to deliver tips and trick for Revit 3D modeling software which has become the standard for architectural projects for the federal government. Since the Welfare for Welfare Bill was introduced, these blogs have turned into NOTHING but propaganda sites for the Bill. Nevermind that the bill has NOTHING that even remotely promotes ARCHITECTURAL EXCELLENCE in it. The publishers of these sites have jumped on board without ever having read the bill. In other words, since Barry says that the bill is an infrastructure bill, the publishers BELIEVED him instead of using their own intellectual curiosity to inspect the language. In other words, my professional peers are SHEEPLE. Wear the wool proudly, folks, y'all shall be the very first ones over the precipice. That is unless you are already plummeting to your deaths on the stupidity rocks below.

Anyhoo, the issue at stake here is that we have run up against a wall of morons. These morons recognize that they offer nothing to the person that is responsible and self-supporting. And these morons realize that their fellow morons possess NOTHING to help them in their quest to turn everyone into morons. The level of insanity in the ideas of the unwashed masses has reached new heights. We now have the epitome of stupidity in the director's chair of the entire planet.

What in the world can we do to stop this madness? Get mad too. Lemme offer some things that will help in that endeavor. Folks, if you do not want to surrender the future of our country, and therefore the rest of the world, to idiots, we have to FIGHT back against the ever growing tide of mediocrity. We have to get busy.

Check out our new CiC's salute. No tie, frumpy jacket, an absolute posture and facade of mediocrity. This is the man that was chosen to lead our country. Cannot even show the respect necessary to properly salute. And do you know why?

Because he cares nothing about the military or the security of this country. He is an admitted socialist that wants the government to oppress the working populace. His first big piece of domestic economic policy legislation adds ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to the control-net of the federal government, while CUTTING FIFTY-FIVE BILLION from the MAIN Constitutional duty for which he is responsible. (Hat-Tip: Jawa)

Not only is the military having to cut back in WAR TIME, the future of our defense has already been stymied. Let's cut out the concept of missile defense, that is just TOO scary. Folks, Barry promised to do that, you DID NOT LISTEN.

You know what would be a really good economic stimulus idea? Buy brand new cars and CRUSH them because of lower MPG stats. Really, I haven't found that in the Welfare for Welfare Bill, but that is probably because I just stopped reading it, it was just too fucking crazy.

You know what else will go to great lengths to help stimulate the economy? How about INCREASING the petty cash accounts of all elected federal officials by almost 100k. In case you can't do the math, that is FIFTY-THREE POINT FIVE MILLION ADDITIONAL DOLLARS. Really? This is a good idea?

Wonder what the cost to the taxpayers is for promoting the junk science ideas of Anthropomorphic Global Warming? How about 515 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR?

Now where is all this idiocy originating? Why, of course from Democrats. Do you realize that we have been continually lied to by the national media which has ONE friggin' responsibility? Of course that responsibility is to keep an eye on government. They fail miserably at that task. Let's look at those failures.

For the past eight years, our media has consistently trashed our president and obliquely, our country. Now, they fall completely in line with the socialist model of our current government.

The made comparisons of the Obamoron to Abraham Lincoln While ignoring how The One treats his deadbeat family.

They produce paraphernalia promoting THE FRIGGIN' MESSIAH, while ignoring his ties to Communism and his desire to lead us to the Promised Land of Failure.

They trash a successful president and try to smear him with corruption charges, while ignoring the MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTATION EVER.

They toss out any semblance of objectivity in an effort to hide the true motivation behind the dishonest philosophy and the financial backers of the Obama Administration.

They refuse to report on one single misstep or HUGE glaring inconsistency of the Obamoron and ignore the utter failures of everyone of his ideas in history. If this trend of failure of the current White House continues, Barry will resign within the first six months of his REIGN.

They editorialize on the EVILNESS of Republicans, while championing the Democrats and their hatred for the United States. (PLEASE LOOK AT THIS. STUNNING.)

They promote idiots worshiping idiots as the norm, never even taking steps to show normal people accomplishing extraordinary things.

They refuse to show the utter hypocrisy, contradiction, and the covert insidiousness of the new Executive Administration.

And finally, they continue to obscure the truth of their terrible philosophy removing individual rights from our Constitution. By the way, every place that gun control is attempted, IT FAILS MISERABLY with increased violent crime statistics and imprisonment of people attempting to protect themselves.

As a matter of fact, this emotional direction that we are heading has reduced the Republican Party to accepting a man that while definitely Conservative, his philosophical ideology takes a back seat to HIS RACE. Yes, even I find myself applauding Michael Steele as RNC Chair, because of his friggin' skin color.

This country was founded on the ideology of individual freedoms and self-reliance. We better grab this President by the leather pouch and direct him to the REAL Promised Land.

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Denise said...

TD, that car crushing crap isn't in HR 1, it's a couple of bills that congress wants to add to it, according to this article at GatewayPundit.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I just quickly read through the article and then went back to read the whole thing later. That Gateway Pundit link that you left in your comment is the one that I have linked in this post.

Still, can you figure any friggin' way crushing cars purchased with our tax money does anything to help the economy? In any way at all?

Forgive me, I just can't find any way that the stimulus bills help anything other than to take more of my income and give it to people to waste. I find that patently UNHELPFUL.