Sunday, February 01, 2009

Woo HOOOOO! Blackuary Uno 0001 A.B.!


Since this is the beginning of the post-racial future, 0001 After Barry, we polled all FOUR of our readers to determine whether to run our yearly feature of BLACKUARY. It is was resounding, "Do what you want to do, I don't care." So, the "I don't cares" have it.

To give all you new READER a taste of the past awesomeness of our celebration of Blackuary, we suggest that you read our Maiden Post of this feature from 2006. We also have one of them there labels named "Blackuary" and one named "Blackuary 2008." These will also give you some background on all of the information that we have collected over the 600 YEARS** that we have doing these posts.

The basic gist of the celebration of Blackuary is to point out the stupidity of studying black history separate from ACTUAL history and to point out how it gives the kids a very screwed up understanding of black people that were very important in the historical timeline.

An example is Michael King Jr. Yes, the guy that everyone knows as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was named after his father, Michael King Sr, and they both changed their names after visiting Hitler's Germany in 1934, when young Michael was five. Yes, this is TRUE and of course the name came from Martin Luther, the protestant reformer. This information MATTERS to the understanding of exactly what Dr. King accomplished later on in life.

Understand, Dr. King was NOT a ghetto dude, he was an upper middle class preacher's son. This is important.

But, pulling the study of Dr. King from the historical timeline and throwing that study in one twenty-eight day month, screws everything up for everyone. You never see the importance of Dr. King's civil rights movement kicking off alongside the Korean War and following into the time of the final integration of the military in 1963.*** Certainly you never see King's assassination's relevance connected with the Vietnam demonstrations, the free love hippies, Democrats fire hosing down black college kids and the reorganization of the Ku Klux Klan in the Democrat Party, right next to the Communists in the Democrat Party. Yes, Democrats have always been the party aligned against the black man and everyone's freedom, even to this day.

Maybe these posts will allow someone, somewhere, the insight into why, even though we have elected a person that had a black father, (whom he never knew) that there shall always be racism until Dr. King's dream is realized. Since Barry Obama ran a campaign based solely on race, and the national media focused on nothing but his race throughout the whole campaign, we have tilted the scales from one side, to level, back to the other side in my lifetime. It is my earnest desire to again level the field to the point of equal opportunity for all individuals.

Blackuary is my cudgel to accomplish that task. And wield the cudgel, I shall.

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**The 600 YEARS comment originates from the ever increasing referenced length of slavery in this country. Please keep in mind the VERY FIRST slave reached the land mass that would become the United States of America in 1612 and slavery was abolished with the ratification of Thirteenth Amendment on December 6, 1865. Slavery was legal a TOTAL of two hundred fifty-three years in the US unless you want to count it being legal before it actually happened. For comparison, France abolished slavery in 1848, but they also practiced slavery from their inception in 843, a total of one thousand five years. In other words, 3.9 times LONGER than the US.

***Yes, Truman signed an Executive Order in 1948, but the Defense Department did not complete integration until 1963, fifteen years later.