Friday, January 16, 2009

President George W. Bush STILL Refuses to Apologize to LA Times

In STILL ANOTHER shocking story, our President George W. Bush, the second best president in my entire forty-four years, STILL TO THIS DAY REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE TO THE LA TIMES.


What I fail to understand is exactly how our national media can be so absolutely corrupt and dishonest. Is there a single media employee that even fakes an attempt to possess a smidgen of integrity?

In case no one remembers, before Bush there was Bill Clinton. IMPEACHED for perjury in a case denying a former Arkansas state employee justice. An employee that he whipped his COCK out on. IMPEACHED, the second in our history. Not only that, he basically raped an idiot intern in the White House. Yes, she was too friggin' stupid to NOT blow him. Thank goodness her bucket-o-tard deddy defended Billy.

Since Bush has been in office, NO SCANDALS. No corruption, no stealing, no murders, no attacks on sovereign nations to stall investigations into his CORRUPTION.

Unrepentant. Fuckers. If there is any justice to had in this country, the LA Times building will burn down right as they are closing the sale on it after going out of business. And with no insurance. Fuckers.

(Hat-Tip: Patterico)

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